Sunday, February 25, 2007

I <3 CNY 2007

After reading xinli's super duper long blog( black and white) about CNY '07 . Kinda alot of farnie stuff flashed back during that time...

I love CNY is because it is a time where i can FINALLY see all my cousins in different places.. especially xinli... lolx...Where we talk and jokes around... hahaha... Miss You guys so much!!

Chinese New Year Eve [17/02/2007]
Actually my dad was planning to leave at noon time because we informed our uncles and aunties that we will be arriving at 3 or 4pm.. But we departure at around 2pm.. lolx... this is because i went my grandma house to bainian as i won't be able to do that during the 1st day.. Before CNY start I've already have some H-U-G-E angpow.. lolx....

When we arrived at Gita Bayu,this is where uncle cheon's house is...

Tuakor: Ok let start looking for Bayu 6...
Dad: Turn left or right?
Me: Right i think
Dad: Nope i'm turning left...
Dad: Bayu 1... Bayu 2... Bayu 3.... Bayu 4.... Bayu 5... Ohh we are reaching.... Eh! Bayu 7 pulak!! Where is the Bayu 6??

Tuakor: Some where lar... Try turn into this lane...

Dad: Ok.. I remember his house is somewhere near the guard house what?

Tuakor: I don't know...
Me: Told you to turn right...
Crystal: Are we there yet????????????????(grumpy looking)

Me: OH!!!! Turn here!!! I saw BEC!!! that's auntie Charlie's car(xinli's mum)!!!!

Then my dad reversed and we turned in.. oh... finally we found it...
Uncle Cheon place was HUGE!! hard to explain how huge.. just imagine around 30++ People can fit in the house with EXTRA places somemore...

Then leaving our stuff in the TV room.. I was greeted by a bunch of cousins inside there... First was Xinli..... The 3 Ruis(shen,wen,han)... an sern... etc... ju and bea was missing in action... lolx....

While we were watching Big Fish half way... we all kena halau keluar makan dinner... YUMMY!! the lamb was delicious.. lolx... with all those cater... ABC asam laksa... oooo...

Look! They roast the WHOLE lamb!!!

During the night, while we were watching cant-remember-what-movie in uncle cheon's room.. We were told that champaigne is popped... RuiShen was FAST... woosshhh... off he goes...and we all followed one-by-one... While we were enjoying the champaigne,white wine, red wine, martini...White Wine was the best... yummm..Then suddenly I saw ruiwen coming out..Oh! by then we realised that we forgot about RUIWEN!!!! He was left in the room sleeping.... ZZZzzz... lolx...But who cares.. ahahha..
First i think that most of our uncles and aunties are drunk especially Uncle Yang... Lolx.. Farnie stuff do happen when Uncle Yang is there... lol

Chinese New Year [18/02/2007]
Oh... we were so excited man! Got up early in the morning, Got dressed up nicely.. pretty with all my beautiful cousins
Xinli the Dragon Julie the Tiger Penny the Dragon Beatrice the Tiger

Prettie Julie... Prettie me +P Prettie Beatrice!!

However....The first thing we did was not eating breakfast... WE WASHED DISHES... Omg... We didn't even have breakfast and we did was wash dishes?! how sad!! While we were washing.... RuiHan came... and said that Wen's baju got oil stain.. We were like omg... His baju is WHITE!! lolx...

But we continue washing....

Then we had our lunch.. which it was nasi beraini... Yummy... nice eh... lolx...
After that we start taking pictures
Model: Prettie Xinli
Photographer: Penny©®
Nice shot ler.... hahahaha

Penn Penn + Xin Xin

Penn Penn and Xinli... dude... who is dat person in the strippy shirt?!
Trying to get a snap too?

Guess who is that.. lolx

xinli and my great-granny

Funny conversation between she and us check it out in xinli's blog ( black and white)

Bea, me ggma, julie

The 3 lims dragons borned in the year of 1988
Bohemian or whatever Penny, Funky+Emo Xinli, with..... "gentlemen-looking" Han (lolx)

oo... Huge house ler.. ahahha with our camera-man(uncle ming) standing by to "action" any moment for the bainian ceremony....
Cherry Blossom tree was made by uncle cheon and auntie jenty themselves... pretty ler...

After we did all the bainian and everything.. Then it was the "lau yu sheng"... Yummy... with the abalone inside.. swt... it was tasty man!!!
After that, each and everyone of us start to leave.. Going back home... *sobsob* So sad... Go home...I hardly spend some QUALITY time with all my cousins... *sobsob*... Miss them man... Hoping that this year have another gathering!! ehehehe... Or we youngster can plan.. lolx
Chinese New Year 2nd day,3rd day...
After that, I stayed at home and do nothing.. except helping my mum to take care of my little cousins... since my aunts they all are in New Zealand... Sigh...Kinda bored this year!!

I think I like you

When I can’t see you
I start missing you
When I’m with you
I’m afraid to look at you
When I’m not with you
I start wondering what you are doing
When you are out of my sight
I’ll start searching for your shadows
When I’m alone
I wish that you’ll call
When my phone rings
I hopes that it is you
I think that I like you

I always look at you from afar
And you never notice me
When I sees you
Hoping that you’ll notice me
You’ll never notice me
No matter how close we are
I think that I like you

You broke my heart
Since the day you say
I’m like your sister
I’m your best friend
You’re like my brother
You’re my best friend
You wanted me to call you

One day
I found out that you are with my best friend
You keep it as a secret
Never letting others to know
It is too obvious
I realised
I founded out

This is when
My heart is broken into pieces
Like a mirror fell off
Broken into pieces
Hard to mend
Hard to repair

You’ll never know how my heart feels
You’ll never notice me crying alone
You’ll never know why am I avoiding you
You’ll never know why when I’m with you
I’m quiet
I’m sad
I’m moody
You’ll be guessing what has happened
You’ll never guess it right

All I can do is try to forget about the likeness
Since I know that you’ll never like me
As the way I like you
Each day
My heart ache
When I see you
When I miss you

Written by: Me©2007®

lolx... this was written like in 15minutes... Kinda surprise that what i can wrote... asked a few people around about this poem.. they say is good... but i duno.. you guys give me the comments then~

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Blog's Virgin

My first blog in this website... lolx.... My old blog is in friendster can check it out if you guys wants!!!