Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Pirates Of the Caribbean 3

Last Sunday, I went to watch Pirates of Caribbean 3 with my church friends... First I was told there's only 5 people will be watching together. However when I reached at the cinema, it was a bunch of us(13 people!) lolx... anyway... I've been a H-U-G-E fan of Johnny Depp since the movie scissorshand Edward.. OMG.. He is such GREAT actor!!! So I went to watch this after I've been watching the 1st and the 2nd movie of Pirates... I'll never get sick of his acting man!

This 3rd movie is GOOD!! As the cheecky weird "Captain" Jack Sparrow was being caught by Davy Jones... And being dumped to the Island of Death(I think).. ahahha
Aiya... don't want to tell so much about this movie.. But still it is worth to watch.. But there's some quite eerie part and disgusting part.. hahaha..

Captain Barbossa, Elizabeth Swann "Captain" Jack Sparrow

Elizabeth was being elected as the Captain of Singapore after Chow Yun Fatt was accidentally killed by a piece of wood.. hahaha... Oh yeah.. She also being elected as the KING opps is Queen of the Pirates...

Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow!!!!!!!!

See!! How Cool he is!! *faint* haha

Cheecky Smile... awwwwww.... haha

-luving it-


Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Tagged By XinLi

Name : Penny Lim/ Penn/ Pinky
Birth Date : 11 april 1988
Current Status : single
Eye Colour : dark brown
Right of lefty : righty..

My Heritage : chinese
My Fears : being forgotten and hated, bugs, cheated, etc
My Weaknesses : too much of lazyness inside my blood, etc
My Perfect Pizza : Hawaiian supreme

My thoughts first waking up : darn...
My bedtime : 2am to 4am
My most missed memory : everything with my granny

Pepsi or Coke : coke
McDonald's or Burger King : McDonald's but only because i don't really get to eat at BurgerKing
Single or grouped dates : single gua
Adidas or Nike : both( adidas bags are nice and NIke shoes are good.. lol)
Tea or Nestea : japanese green tea no jasmine taste please!
Chocolate or Vanilla : I'm a choco-holic.. i think...
Cappuccino or Coffee : BOTH!!!

Smoke : urgh! NOoooOOoo
Curse : SOmetimes
Take a shower : erm.. let see... In the morning, noon, night!
Think you've been in love : *wink*wink* Nope.. ahaha
Go to school : being forced too... ahahahah
Want to get married : yeah lar...
Believe in yourself : occasionally

Drank alcohol : DUH! i'm in legal age..
Gone to the mall : of course.. now is 2007 not iceage!
Been on stage : uh huh...
Eaten sushi : of course lar... made myself few weeks ago.. not bad tho.. haha
Dyed your hair : lol... yep! maroon red summore... ahaha.. uber red under d sun!

Played a stripping game : nope
Changed who you were to fit in : no gua

To be married : no idea

Best eye colour : erm...
Best hair colour : depends...
Short hair or long hair : short or medium. long hair guys with rebonded hair please buzz off~!

A minute ago : typing all d info abovee
Hour ago : sleeping/ chatting
4.5 hours ago : sleeping/ eating/ watching anime/ sms-ing/ answering calls
1 month ago : HOLIDAY!!! rotting back home
Year ago : wasted alot of crapping time

I love : everything i have
I feel : a neck and a back ache com
I hate : people who control my life and force me do something i don't like
I hide : stuff~
I miss : my granny!!!!!!!
I need : foooood

i'm too bored... was browsing over xinli's blog..

Thursday, May 17, 2007


Today was another day that passed in my life fast..
As for today I went to watch the movie "Next" with Joshin and Wendee...

While we were walking towards the shopping complex... Joshin that stupid fellow bang into the lorry side window...*smackhead* wth that window was so big how can it possible for her not to avoid that.. sigh..

When we're watching that movie, we laughed thru the movie when everyone was exciting watching this action movie...

This movie is about a "magician", Chris Johnson. He can see the future of his personal life. Just for the start of 2 minutes. However, when a terrorist smuggled a nuclear bomb into LA. He was spotted by FBI. As the FBI wanted him to help them to locate the bomb..

This movie is kind of ridiculous man! You'll laugh when u watch this... Some scene looks like Matrix though.. Man, Joshin and I laugh thru the climax of the movie... Try to image if you have this kind of power and you are staying in KL with all sort of robbery and accident.. While you and ur bunch of friends was walking at d road side... and u see the future: a motorist passed by and rob your friend and your friend was kena slashed with parang.. After you've seen this, you sure will ask your friend to stop and walk in a little bit or stand by to catch the robbers..
lolx... All sort of imagination comes in when me, joshin and wendee were talking.. ahahha... ridiculous thought...

Oh by the way, The ending S-U-C-K-S!!!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mood swing

Life is full of unexpected things
You’ll never know what will come next
Some stuff happens in JOY
Some stuff happens in MISERY

In life,
MISERY and HARDSHIP come and visit you
More often than JOY
Sometimes this makes life unbearable
That’s why there’s suicides, murders

When JOY come and visit
There’s success, love, happiness
That’s why there’re lovers, family and career

In order to have JOY
MISERY and HARDSHIP will come in between
That’s the life circle of human

In life,
Some things are best to be UNHEARD and UNKNOWN
Or else,
It makes life harder to go on…

Time passed each day
Nothing much have changed
Used to have that..
But now,
MISERY and HARDSHIP is now my life-partner
They accompanied me all the way through my teenage life…
How sucks it is…

This is what i feels in this few months... is ain't a poem or what-so-ever... just my feelings

-lost and misery-


Thursday, May 10, 2007

Summer Day


This semester break is the worst break I ever had... The weather is so freaking H-O-T!! I'm gonna turn into a roasted pig any moment... Why my dad don't fix a air-con in the living room?!?! ahhh!!! so HOT...

Since I finish my exam much earlier than some of my friend does.. So I've been staying at home and do nothing... AHHHHH... Bored-ness is killing me and I'm rotting at home!!

Everyday sleep at 3am+ and wakes up at 1pm+... and then the rest of the day do nothing but watch TV and eat.. If this goes on everyday, I'm getting fatter for sure! hhaha... This is making me rot at home man!! Looks like mushroom and LingZhi is growing.. hahaha...WTF man! this few months is SO FREAKING HOT MAN!!! why har?? The Ozone Layer?? The sun getting nearer? The sun getting bigger and earth getting smaller?? ahahah

-rot and toasted-


Monday, May 07, 2007


Yeah today is about a babe Xinli!! hahaha

Name: Lim XinLi
Date Of Birth: 2nd April
Horoscope: Aries
Major: undecided yet(lol)
Hobby: S-L-E-E-P, craft,draws
About: She is a babe! real babe! lolx... She loves me.. She is my cousin.. 9days shy to be real TWIN in the family.. hahaa.. She used to allergic to choc... But now no more d.. lolx... she skinny like bamboo but eats like PIG.. ahaha...She sleeps alot... During family gathering, you can't find us? Go to one of room, you'll find us in bed(snoozing)... I've known her since she was in her mum's belly... She craft alot... She good at making stuff.. shirt, pants, toy, watever accesseries, and u-name-it-she-make-it.. hahah.. good ler... She wants a iguana for pets.. weird... hahaha... oh yeah she once said she want a monkey for pet also...(lol) She eats alot... more than I eat! and she still so S-K-I-N-N-Y... I never see her get mad before... unless... omar made her.. hahah...We called her "mei"(means youngersister) even she is much much older than me... Even her youngest brother also call her mei (so pitiful.... NOT.. lol) Oh yeah, she is clever i mean in her studies... Used to last minutes and always get good result... lol.. geng ler...

PS: She is my greatest cousin, friends, mates, family,girl-friend I can ever had!! We share quite a few common together... and i know she loves me... lol

this is something i have u don't have
my birthday prezzie made by lim xinli

-prettie babe-

LOTR in Hokkien

Hey whoever know s hokkien watch this is damned farnie... Those who don't know? Read english subtitles.. hahah...

but hokkien version nicer! ahhaha

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Jospeh Yong

Ok Yesterday was about boo kor... And then today is a little intro about Joseph Yong Pau se( I think i spelled correctly...) lol... Know him through my cousin Beatrice... He is her childhood mate.. hmphz... When these two are together they fight none stop... and u can non-stop laughing.. ahhahaa...

Name: Joseph Yong
Age: 21 Years old
Date Of Birth: June 13
Hobby: Blasting ships, anime-lover
Major: Degree in Networking and Application
About: HE IS E-V-I-L... PURE EVIL!!!! always Bully me... And he "murder" my christmas present! See how evil he is.. -.-"
Other than that, he is a great drummer, guitarist, bass-ist and a big bully... hahaha... He is also a nice person.. although he is crazy in love with some jap cute gurl.. hahaha(jkjk)
He always keep me accompany in MSN.. although usually we always out of topic to talk and we talk really lame stuff... it is seriously L-A-M-E stuff...ahhaa... He has been my "kor" for quite some years... He is really a nice kor.. hahaha...(don't get big head eh~ lol)... He given me a mashimaro on don't know which year Christmas... hahaha... He is a top student in INTI college...(that's what he said.. lol)... that's all for now...

By the way, he said he gonna burn my blog if i wrote this.. hahaha.. See how is he gonna burn it...

-flame ahead-


p/s: I intro all these friends is because they influence my life alot and they gave me HUGE support when I am down... These are the people i usually turn to... As they are my GREAT pals... Luv u all!!! More and More people will be coming up soon!! hahaha=P

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Boo Chun Liang

Let See... I've come to know Boo Chun Liang ( boo Kor) through Joseph(kor). He is kor buddy as i've known... Four of them i think...can't remember... I've known him for years like 4 or 5 years... Actually i can't remember... And I NEVER see him before for these years... We just chat through MSN... I can tell he is a GREAT guy... Cute also... hahaha... He never like me calling him cute

A little intro about him..
Name: Boo Chun Liang
Age: 21years old
Date Of Birth: July 22th
Horoscope: Cancer
Hobby: Fishing
Major: Master in occupational therapy
About: boo kor is a shy person... Always don't know what to chat d... Everytime chat with him we talk craps or repeat what we were saying... But still he is a great person... Although sometime both of us out of something to chat, he still accompany me talk craps.. hahaha... He has a pet named Hazel... However, the dog suppose to be hazel in colour... Maybe Boo kor dyed it to white... SEE how evil he is... although he looks like an angel!! hahahah Joking lar... He not evil he is angel!!! He is a smart and cute guy... hahha... Master in occupational therapy... Clever right... But he is quite bad also... 2years+ didn't come back Malaysia already ... SIgh... OK That's all i know about him... Wanna know more about this adorable and smart guy? Let me know... ahhaha


Ps: As u can see that in the 1st picture hazel's ear is brownand now u see is WHITE!!! Boo kor... wud did u do to Hazel o.. lol...

-smile while u read-