Saturday, June 30, 2007

In and Out

I suppose to be sleeping in 2 hours ago.. I was preparing to go brush teeth and my friend called me ask me whether want to eat durian or not.. Of course want! I miss durian.. lol...

Actually today I suppose to be doing my assignment which is due on Tues..Open up the Microsoft word look at the half-done assignment, keep staring at it and nothing come up.. So start to browse everywhere.. Slowly mouse moved to blog which is bookmarked... and start to type this.. lol... Actually now is already 2.40am.. I suppose to be sleeping... haha.. and I'm feeling quite sleepy and tired this few days... *swt* This few days is freakingly tired!!

Every is assignment assignment and ASSIGNMENT!! I'm going to be insane soon or later! Now and again my group is not co-operative again... and exam is drawing nearer and nearer... whuhu

Now, I'm living with a roommate who is my cousin.. *smack head* First I thought having her as my roommate is okey.. since both of us are cousin.. She sometimes does get out of control. For example, the 1st few weeks her alarm rang, she is not the one who wakes up. I'm the one.. Days by days get annoyed but still shut up.. lol... These few weeks I was in a state of exhaustion. So I was in deep sleep most like sleep dead! haha.. I can't really hear anything... But still good enough to hear my own alarm rang...

I think my brain engine is working to hard.. I had headache for 3 days straight! My sleeping time also has been mixed up.. I can nap from 5pm+ till 8pm+ and then sleep at 1am+.. Then wakes up in the morning.. lolx...

Now my life is occupied by busyness, frustration, exhaustion...


Monday, June 25, 2007

Zhong aka Rice Dumpling

- Nyonya Zhong-

muahahah... Dumpling festival is coming soon... I love this festival.. This is because I love to eat Zhong... hahah..

2 weeks ago went back to hometown just to buy zhong to bring back to KL to eat. Then come back to KL got to eat KL zhong contribute by Shiny, Ipoh Zhong contributed by Alvin(Kampung Boy), and Pahang Zhong contributed by wanyin.. muhahaha so blessed! hahah... However all of this not very nice
I still prefer my granny d... She used to make alot alot alot alot of zhong for us to eat... She will wake up early to make for ALL of us... Then, i'm the pengacao.. Always says want help her do ended up. Help her making it more messy then before... hahaha... Her zhong is uncompare-able... I still remember the year she passed away my mum used her recepi to make zhong.. but not nice d.. it makes me wonder why not nice... then i realised is because of have "ah ma de wei dao" (ah mah's taste)
All of her zhong will slowly distribute to all my uncles and aunties all over malaysia.. Some even purposely come from S'pore to eat and bring back... Now, no more already... I hardly sees all my cousins nowadays... Miss them alot... lol

But still I'm really happy that I still able to eat so many type of different places of zhong! hahaha...

-I Love Zhong!!!-

Freakingly tired

oh my gosh... I think I'm going to die soon or later man... Everyday assignment, case study, report... aaahhh... I'm gonna faint! urgh... and now already week 5.. Mid-term exam is coming.. I hate exam...

Now my assignment group, some not co-operate also.. some says " ok Ok I'll do..." at the end a shit also didn't come out. Ended up SookKuan do, Alvin do, Me do... -.-"

This semester is kind of stressing.. Alot of things don't understand at all.. The worst of it is, 3 subjects are linked.. one of the subjects don't understand, the rest can't understand too.. Now, ALL 3 subjects I don't understand at all.. Can die ar...

Assignment is hard like hell man! I'll die alot of brain cells because of this man... =.=

Then the weather in KL is freakingly H-O-T... What the hell is this weather man!


Monday, June 11, 2007

200 Pounds Beauty

Last night went to watch movie again... *swt* I usually I don't watch korean movie d.. However this movie caught my attention... Finally asking my usual kaki we went to watch this movie... The beginning was a bit rated 18.. hahah... This movie is funny, sad and meaningful... It some sort is teaching us that not all singer sing themselves they have "reaL" voice at the back... hahaha.. jkjk

This movie is about a freaking damned fat behind-the-stage singer who is in love with the producer who treat her very nice. A part time phone sex lady... hahah.. She had a regular customer which is a plastic surgery doctor. After that she found out the singer she sang for, Ammy is a biatch and using her. She decided to go do commit suicide but she somehow failed.. When she was wanted to be moved into the hospital's bed.. 2 males nurse and a male doc trying damned hard to move her but can't as she is freaking H-U-G-E.. and then she wakes up and told them "I roll over myself" and she rolled and pom on the bed...(i laughed damned hard) Finally she decided to find her "regular customer" to get surgery from the top to the bottom... She was penniless and "blackmailed" him to get him to do everything in installment... hahahah

This movie songs are nice to especially Maria... Damned i like that song a lot... The vocal is damned strong... the bassist and the guitarist is awesome too... CHeck out this movie !!

-movie again-

Sunday, June 10, 2007


Last night I went to my friend house to eat sushi!!! hahaha... So happy... It has been a long time since I last eat sushi... It was delicious!! yummy... When I was there my friend, Celine she was still busy making sushi... As for me the mischievous one, of course my job is not to help her is to kacao her... See what did I do.. Snapping a picture of her with her hair look so erm.... "neat"As she was keep shoo-ing me away .. hahaha.... as you can see there's a blue buttock in the picture.. It somehow belong to the chetyong...hahaha...

Celine Busy making sushi for us to eat ler

Look How Delicious it is... hahaha

After this we all sat down on the floor and started enjoying ourselves... FYI, 3 out of the 6 plates of sushi, its have been "polluted" by Celine with A-L-O-T of wasabi... swt

Jerrine was the unlucky one... The 1st piece she took a FULL of wasabi... Next victim was Charlotte... Me and Chet Yong was the lucky one as both of us didn't get any... However at the end i ended up eating one( being forced to take.. lol).. As ChetYong was the only guy there he was being forced by all of us (Celine, Me, Jerr and Charlotte) to eat one! hahaha...

Then we played UNO...(lame... lol) Loser will being punished... Guess who.. CHetYong and he was the one who suggest loser will be punished... hahaha... The punishment was horrible!!! He was being fed wasabi as the punishment... urgh......... hhaha


Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Cute Gay... lolx

My mother ditched me and went Macau with my aunts! How sad!!! But at least she bought some clothes for me... hahha...

Today was a damned tired day!! My cousin, Charlotte came and stay with me since she is studying in A'Level. Today I brought Charlotte to register herself as she is late register! ('cz of NS). Then, bring her to carrefour to buy the portable cupboard which she fix till "ping ping piang piang" hahha... and like "eh this one goes where one ar.. eh how come this like that one ar..." swt...

Then my mum called.. Said they are in Sunway Pyramid asking me whether can go can find them.. However I'm having a 8AM class the next day!!! ahhhh!!!!Then she told me that they are going to Timesquare.. *wink wink* go Timesquare Near near only... So I went to find them. wth it is damned far!

While I was in the LRT on the way to Timesquare... There were two really cute foreigner guy sitting in front of me... I was "ooo Lucky Day!! hahaha However, as time passed by is getting weird about how they react and then *tink* this word came across my mind "GAY"... *swt* so pity ler.. hahaha... It is so wasted that they are GAY!....

After hanging awhile in timesquare with my mum and aunts.. Like that I also "earned" some money... hahhaha....

On the way back... while in the monorail a apek standing rite in front of me with his half unzip pants!! wth.. I can't even look up... I have to keep staring at my fingers!!Luckily I was going off right after two stops.. wth!!!!

-joyful&tired day!-

Sunday, June 03, 2007


I LOVE STRAWBERRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't know how many years ago was the last time I ate strawberry!! Since it is kind of hard to get in Malaysia unless you go cameron... I MISS EATING IT!!!!!

Few years ago, my family suppose having a reunion in cameron.. I was kinda excited to go 'cuz I want to eat strawberry... (greedy le... hahah) However, due to some things it was canceled... How sad...

I was lucky that my friend went to Cameron on Friday... She purposely come and sabo me say "I'm going to Cameron and you can't go.. hahaha"
Suddenly, *winkwink* I dragged her and says "BUY ME STRAWBERRY~!!!" I bet she kena shocked abit... haha.. though wanna sabo me ended up have to buy strawberry for me~ ahahhaa..
oh my gosh!! I miss strawberry so much... ahahha... She bought me 4 packets!! Eat till I shiok!! Others don't get jealous cuz you don't able to eat.. hahahah.... Now my fridge still got 3 packets.. ahahaha.... I slowly eat... Dunwan one go eat all!! hahaha... so happy la!! hahaha

Don't get to jealous while I'm eating.. hahaha

*wink*wink* I love strawberry~!!

Don't Drool!!!!!! hahaha

-i heart strawberry-