Friday, September 21, 2007

i want my life back....

my life is no longer like what it used to be. Lots of stuff had changed. sometimes i felt like it is choking me. i want my old life back. my life like wud it used to be. nothing much to worry nothing much to vex about. just goes with the flow. do anything according to wud my hearts tell me. everyday, looking up to the ceiling and thinks. sometimes, ive no idea what am i vexing about.

there's something and someone there is holding me back to do something. i wanna let it go. but i can't. not willing to let go till i know i don't have the chance to got hold it. i really wanted that thing. but some where deep down in my heart i know that it is sort of impossible. but they all makes me think i have the chance. and sometimes, you do let me feel that i have the chance of getting hold of it. but later then u smash it. then u restore it again. do you know how hurt how miserable that is? i want it and you don't want to give.

now what i can do is wait and see. let the time to decide what to do with us. maybe we have the destiny to meet each other. but no fate to be together. when thats happen i will have to just raise my white flag to it. because there's nothing much i can do with it. and now, i think that my white flag is already half raised. however it is not my style to give up when i didn't even try to get hold of it. but this time, i might have to raise it before i even try. i'm scare. really am. i lost my courage whenever im with you. im afraid to lose you. even we are just like this. everytime fooling around. im satisfied with that. however sometimes i want more. and im afraid to ask. ive no idea what to do anymore. this makes my life miserable.

although ive tried, and you already given me a answer. a answer that breaks my heart. but a answer that didn't make me give up. im afraid to try the second time. what should i do?
Don't hold back don't give up... used to do stuff like that. but now... sigh...

Friday, September 14, 2007

2 Paper Finished

Yeah... 2 Paper finished... Tomorrow wil be my 3rd paper and I left 2 more to go... *wink wink*

Actually this 2 paper can say it's quite easy. Hopefully i can get the result i want. =)

Next will be the VB.Net paper and my worst subject Cost Accounting. I'm a goner in this subject!! DIE.............. =(

Monday, September 03, 2007


This friday will be my 1st paper and yet i still haven't finish studying..

I'm not suppose to be here anyway suppose to set my eyes on my notes and not on screen.

AHHH... I wanna die. Now is in the critical period of studying and preparing for exam and im still in the mood of procrastinate.. Kill me...

Nowadays the weather is so nice... Rain Rain Rain... So nice till it makes me wanna sleep don't wanna study... =(

No idea what to write any more... Stupid joseph msn me d then no reply me pulak... sigh...