Sunday, October 14, 2007



Actually she wanted it to be at KFC, ended up KFC is packed with damned lots of people. Then we changed our location to Pizza Hut. hahaa

this is her. crystal. with her fake smile

moi and moi sister. waiting for our relatives.
as u can see pizza hut is behind. waiting...(cuz it is also packed)

stupid smile of

and she got alot of prezzie.. haha.. but im too lazy to take the photo of her prezzie which included money, bank box, watch, bag, girls stuff...

then my stupid brother urging my dad to get him a nike shoes. as they were going to the shop i tag along. went there, looked at those shoes my brother choose. Finally he got one! then no size!! ahhaa... end up have to re-choose again. then finally he chosen this one.

Nike Jordon Nu Retro

actually i wanted a bag. but my dad says that bag is so ugly. so didn't buy. ended up i sat there and teasing my brother for his big feet! Then my dad asked me to try this shoes... and i like it, he bought that for me.. haha

i got this one. but is in pink not blue. xD

Monday, October 08, 2007

New Begining... Happy ending?

Year 2 Second Semester just started today. Nothing much different during the class. Just that most of us changed hairstyle. Including me!!! haha... First lecture isn't for us to listen to what that subject about. is for us to catch up whatever we have missed during the holiday. Teasing each other about our new hairstyle. jiaojiao, a adorable friend of mine. her hairstyle was the weirdest. haha. with her new hair style she looks like chibi maruko chan. haha. then got another friend dyed his hair uber bright orange red! haha.

We fooled around in the lecture hall, laughing... talking.. teasing... but still miss home. don't feel like coming back also. sigh. but still no choice gotta come back and study! damned time flies. gonna finish my diploma soon. gonna miss my friends. especially sotong(siao eh), meiching(jiaojiao), yenni(palia), shiny(pa bo), wanyin(mama), etc etc... especially the first 3 gurls.. they all are my crazy mates. we do crazy stuff together. sigh. when all this finished. im really gonna miss them.

now is a new semester, new begining. gonna try hard to do everything. hopefully can have a happy ending for this semester!!