Friday, December 28, 2007

Eye on Malaysia

got free ticket from a friend then off we go to the eye on malaysia!~!
there was packed with people! enjoy the view from the gondola. The view was very boring! nothing much to see except we can see out condo from there... haha... stupid government put it there. at least put it somewhere there's attraction.

before we are getting in.. meiching and yenni.. damned lanci lar yenni with dat look! lol

we only start taking the photo in gondola when we was about to get off.. lol... we were rushing taking th photo.. but how sad only a few taken.

huiling, me and alvin
juz right BEFORE we got off! lol
top: yenni, meiching(jiaojiao)
Bottom: Alvin, Me, Hui Ling(obasan)

Thursday, December 27, 2007

TARC Encore 2007

(late posting... suppose to be posted on dec 1st but it happens that it still in draft o.O)


Just came from College watching the encore night, is something like a competition. which it included dancing, and singing. Damned the singing part was kinda boring. I nearly fall asleep while i was listening to it. but the MCs is damned funny. I LOVE BOTH of them haha... too bad that i dont have their photo. lol.

And there was a celebrity came, Cant really remember her name, serene something. wth her singing sucks man! I don't even able to understand a single words she was singing, she is worst than Jay Chou. But Jay's song is nice... ahhaa... although sometimes people do complain the mumble in his singing. oh yeah, she is kinda pretty. She looks like she is mix.

*trying to find her picture but can't hahaha*

And the project superstar Finalist, Little tree Boss. I think his name is Max.. lol... As u all know i dont watch this kind of show.( unless American Idol) haha...

Went there to support my friends, wayshoon, lindsay, and marie. Especially WayShoon, he is damned annoying. Everyday keep urging me to go. At least he able to get me a cheaper price for the ticket. haha... Oh yeah, Wayshoon did micheal Jackson's moonwalk dance! just a little part only. But how cool it that! Not that easy. But i was sitting to far behind can't really able to see how he dance. and the stupid camera man only shoot his upper body (as there's two projector at the side to show the performance as there's many people sitting behind)

Maybe, monday ask shoon to dance once more and let me watch, or get the video from him. hahaha...

This is another video of his. While he was in doing the performance near canteen to attract people to go to the encore.. haha... check it out. I laugh all the way till the end of the video.. =P


ps: did i mention he danced tango tonight? lol

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Kuching (Part 1)

Yeah!!! The trip to kuching was F-U-N!!! =)
PRePare for lotsa lotsa picture to see... =)
I'm too lazy to type... A picture worth a thousand words... hahah... check them out!
This is the picture taken from my window while I was in the plane… Great shot eh? Lol…

I like this picture a lot
but there's a reflection of my camera...
stupid window! =(

We went to the culture village for a tour. Actually it was not in the plan cause it is damned expensive which it cost RM60 per person. Good thing it has a student price which is only RM15!!! YAAAAAHHHHHHOOOOOOO

SO damned cheap of course went in le… This is some picture taken while I was inside there…

This person is damned GENG!! LOOK At this face.. he is tahan-ing
That things he is bitting on is not a plastic is a WOOD!!! Damned heavy!!!

Same person(on top of the pole) from the previous picture...
he looks like a monkey while he was climbing that pole... lol
He is going to spin on top of it using is stomach too bad it was to dark...
picture came out BLACK! o.O

The amour... i think haha

Kevin... SHOW OFF!!!!

he was playing with it... like he is expert in it... haha...
but still he plays drum.. lol

hahah... JEnny... playing that bamboo thingy... no idea what it calls.. haha

Rumah orang cina in the culture village...

When i saw this i shouted "YEAH I'M HOME!! hahah

That thing is freakingly HEAVY!!!
I'm not suitable for this job... haha

We were shocked when we see this small waterfall in the culture village.. It is a REAL One... the water is really very cooling... =)

Afterwards we went to the beach… Yeah I LOVE BEACH!!! Ahahah

I LOVE BEACH!!!!!!!!!!
Too bad it was tooooooooo windy and the wave was HUGE!
we can't go in any deeper
Just can stay at the shore there where the sea water only reaches ur knee... =(

Me and Jenny =)

During the convention not much picture taken… Don’t ask me why, I’ve no idea. =)

David, Winlee, Me, Sharon, Ahkeong(tour guide),maggie, jael...
Ah keong was "driver" but still he is a very very nice person.

LOOK AT THE CROWD~!!!!!!!!!!!! Queuing up to check in...

p/s: I still got tonnes of picture Upload it next time... 'cuz it is not with me... hahah

-loving it-