Sunday, January 20, 2008

Mitch Hewer


was browsing through XinLi's blog in the middle of night since I was bored of studying... and guess what I spotted one cute shitty cute guy...


OMG... I nearly scream out loud... ahhaha... Gotta hold it. if not later my roomie thought i study until went crazy... LOL

then i msn one of my friend who is also like me crazy about cute guys. But you know what she says "ok lar... but very gayish"

He is so damned cute!!! From xinli's blog then i know he's now in the TV Series called Skin as maxxie. Of cuz start browsing the internet for more information about him..

Browsing through youtube to find more of his video.. gosh!
and did I mention he is British?
LoL... Double the cuteness!!!
with the british accent..
gosh gotta watch it man! ahhaa
Mitch's Hottieness!!!

"Mitch and the Chipmunks"
was Laughing my head off when watching this... hahaha

"see... you'll watch anything", says Mitch

Of cuz... since u are go goofy and CUTE!!


Friday, January 04, 2008



I came back to KL on xmas eve and then my friend(sotong) asking whether want
to go genting to celebrate xmas onot... Anyway, the agreement was a long story... SO! We went genting at around 5pm as we reached setapak at around 4.30pm! and our bus back to KL was 11.30am! urgh! it takes us long time to reach back here... swt...

Gathered at Gombak LRT station with 10 people.... Then off we go to genting... =)

Reached at genting at around 7+pm(i think) checked in to the room.. leave our stuff there and OFF we go! DINNER TIME!!! and all the place is packed with people eating... aaaarrrrrrrrgggggggggg.... after eating dinner we went outside for photo session!!! Yeah!!! BTW, it was FREAKINGLY cold out there.... bbrrrrr...

me, sotong, ah kit, jian lun, sue, jer, xiang and the doggie wee sen
Group photo before we go for dinner...

me sotong sue wee sen at outside genting...

group photo.... =)

me sue and sotong


when the saw the awas sign they cant stop to act =P

"we are cold..." =P

and then count down time at the First World...

sue sotong and me... in the first world... nice deco... =)

while we were walking around and we saw this friendly and nice carol singers...

Lun(purple shirt), kit(red/pink), me sue and sotong in the crowd before counting down. =)

Some badly singer singing MCR, Black Eyed peas, Linkin Park, etc songs... DAMNED THEY SUCKS!!! all they do was shouting blindly without rhythm all over and there's still people shouting and enjoying... urgh... as we squeezing ourselves to the front to get a nicer view... and finally we are in the front middle left... lol... with ALOT OF ALOT OF insane people surrounding us... squeezing, walking, jumping all around me... and Finally, i nearly fainted o.O

i think i kinda freaked out my friends.. lol.... cuz there's too many people fighting for my oxigens! I always cannot stay too long with crowd.. as i weak in breathing... i can never get enough Oxigens with those HUGE crowd around eventually i will black out... o.O...

Oh yeah... They misunderstand that time... they thought im going to vomit! and ah-kit the guy wore pink shirt.. he ran around and looking toilet for me.. lol...

after that we went back to the room and wanted to sleep...

poor ah-kit, gotta smell wee sen stinky sock.. lmao
this is what the guys do before they went out... ahhaha

Then we realised that we have 10 people and we have only two single bed...and those who been to genting's first world and you'll know how small is the room. and we manage to pull down one of the bed then it makes us have 3 single bed! but still how to squeeze 10 people... -.-"

since there's two already occupied a single bed since they came back early and sleep

pity 4 guys have to go out and have "fun" since they have no place to sleep.

me, sotong and sue squeeze into a single. Man it is hard to sleep!!! then ah-kit he manage to occupied a whole single bed to himself. since he was the only guy that have to work on xmas and they let him sleep. lol.

and from that day onwards all of them start calling me Rainie Yang cuz of one of her songs is named "Que Yang" which means lack of Oxigens... o.O

ps: NEVER go genting to celebrate christmas... it bored like hell maN!