Friday, February 01, 2008

Free Finally

im free!!!!!
im free!!!!!!
im free!!!!!!
im free!!!!!!
im free!!!!!!

Yeah!!!!!! I'm free finally a whole month struggling myself for my 5th sems finals... AAH!!! It felt good... For the last month (Janunary), it has been chaotic... everyday being stressed out studying for the finals...

ive been like this for the whole month

*change the computer into a whole piles of notes... that is what happen to me for the past whole month*

and today! Im free!!!

Just right after exam we all went chi chong gai jalan jalan.. hahha
saw alot of cute guys there... but all the sales person are so digusting! they flirt with you d... ish!!

Anyway, im going back to batupahat soon!! Miss home sooooooooooo much!!! Can't wait to go home... hehehe

ps: Happy Chinese New YEar to everyone!!!! muaks~