Wednesday, May 21, 2008


wah.... it has been nearly a month since i wrote my last blog..
oh my god... my holiday is bored like hell man!!!
everyday did nothing but just eat sleep eat sleep...
gonna turn into a pig anytime...
the days of waiting result is driving me nuts!!!
and it will be out of May 28!! o.O
but still im gonna enjoy myself!
going to genting on the 27th...
dont wanna think about result! or anything!!
things are not going to be the same now...
some friends went working
some friends went to another colleges or university to continue to study
some here some there...
it will be another hard time to be together again
to have fun and everything..
but still smile all the way
look forward
dont look back!
look ahead!
ps: for those sichuan victims... be strong... dont give up!
ppss: another nature disaster... is it the end of the world is drawing near? is it Jesus 2nd coming is drawing near?? all we can do is wait and see... ^^v