Thursday, February 26, 2009

sad heart waiting for the rainbow

There are so many people around me

And yet I feel so alone

The loneliness

Is scaring me

Like I’m inside a dark cave

No matter how hard I scream

No matter how hard I called

Still I got nothing in return

So scary


I’m all alone

Always thought

There are friends around me

Who bring joy to me

And yet loneliness is the one who came

Again and again

I tried

But it always ended with sadness

My heart now is crying

My heart now no longer smiling


I’ve no longer know who my friends are

I’ve no longer know what joy feels likes

I’ve no longer know who Penny Lim is


I really feel like giving up everything

always pretend that everything are alright

is very tiring

so tired

Someone once told me

There’s always rainbow after the storm

I’m always waiting for it

And yet

It is always disappointment…

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Chines New Year 2009

blogged this a month ago... and now only post it


Damned la...
My CNY was in between my Final Exams.
I have to come back to KL on the 31st to have my last Subject.
so damned fucked up le!

but still i had a wonderful time back in BP during CNY

25 January 2009

I just woke up due to some talking noise outside my room lolz.
it was Xinli who arrived at my house. Guess what time she arrive. 10.30Am
yes! morning 10.30. I suppose to be in dream land. but since she is here so i wake up le.. lolz

Then slowly one by one each of them slowly arrive at my place.
on the eve, we had our reunion dinner at Katherina Hotel.
The food there actually not bad la

My mum-side family also celebrate eve there together too! heheh

my family photo!!!
finally my stupid brother pic is in my blog!
in pic: me, bro, mum, dad, sis

the gay look of my brother!
and my mum~

actually wanna take while she eat
but she spotted and peace-out!
but got ruishen's

me and julie!

back home...
me and xinli

my other cousin..
sheng me sherine

And that day was actually Omar's Birthday who is Xinli's brother.
we celebrated his birthday after the dinner and of course is before 12am

We had been complaint by someone about how slow we, the girls are on the 1st day.
So we all ended up sleeping early....

CNY Day 1
26 January 2009

Xinli was the first one to wake up... I think lolz...
then she woke me up at around 7.30am...
We (Me, Bea, Ju, Xin) got ready before 9am and they all also haven't reach.
Still complaint us. Next time will be our turn to complain.
then of course ang paw collection from all my relatives...
visiting one relative after another...

sleeping on the living room floor... lolz...
and it looks like he is hugging the sofa.. hahah

ruishen resting position.. haha

me and sammi
at my grandma's place

we even cam-whore at relatives place...
adults talking ma...
so we all cam-whore lor... hahah

me face in ruishen watch!

me and wendee...
during my house open-house

and then...
dat day was also justin's birthday!
purposely ask him to make that gay look!
Happy Birthday PIG!

CNY Day 2
27 January 2009

nothing much happens dat day....
due to
so sad...
wished that we had more time together
when will be the next time we meet again miss u guys!!