Wednesday, April 29, 2009

just craps

"although seems so happy but who knows i'm all alone inside."

another week of my working life is going to finish

a new week is going to start...

but today
i got a shocking news from my nanny who told me that 70% of possibility that all of us trainee gotta transfer back to the main company in ttdi.. wtf... i got so depressed when i heard this... i dont wanna to move... i dont wanna change location anymore.. I'm loving my working environment, with all my friends leeloo, sheiyee, weiyoong, kenneth, woei jye and cheeyee... senior they all treat us so good... being with them are so happy.. Everyday cracking crazy jokes... fooling around.. It was not like working more like having fun... So I DONT WANNA GO!

so i got depress for quite some times afterwards... then nanny told us that 3 of us might gotta go... that makes me even depress... i nearly cry (so dramatic lolz...)

but then afterwards she comes and told us that all no need to go... just two of us change department and the 2 person is me and weiyoong.. wtf...

but luckily no need to change place... I GOT TO STAY!

i was soo happy and yet i dont wanna get my hopes to high.. if not later there's sudden changes makes me even more depress...
but now im happy and content with my working life with all my crazy friends in OCBC...

the most happy thing now for me is
i'm going back to BATU PAHAT tomorrow! yeah!!!! finally~ and i cant wait~ =P

Monday, April 27, 2009

Wah... Hot Hot Hot!!!!

Hot Hot Hot Hot
Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot
Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot

That's all i can for the weather nowadays....
the temperature can really allow you to cook an egg on the road

even in the dead early morning
taking a cold bath also shiok a~!

showering in the cold water
makes me dont want to come out
if i have a bath tub
one hour also wont come out....

and can hear everyone complaining
"Fuck sooooooooooooooooo
o hooooooot aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!"

sitting too long on the plastic chair at home makes ur ass sweat also...
from time to time have to stand up to dry it...

afternoon nap makes you wanna take off your tops and sleep...
or you can feel ur back plaster on your t-shirt cuz of the sweat

although with the sky so clear
but the clouds floating are so little
and no winds...
with bright sunny hot sun
blazing off my day~


the 6.45am sky of my 6th day morning work~

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Officially Working


I'm a OL..
that's what i was being called by my housemate...

Reported myself to Silverlake Company at PJ. During the briefing, we were being assigned to different division, project and supervisor. I was in Collection OCBC with my friends... As i thought that i was base in the Company. However, i was transfered to OCBC at Masjid Jamek... wtf i was already moved my stuff to my aunt place as i thought i was working in Silverlake. But not i got transfered. then now i've to move to setapak on the very 1st day because the next day i still have to go to work.

Reached OCBC actually is not bad. as it will be more convenience to me. lolz... silverlake workers are called as silverlaker. the rest of the senior silverlaker are not bad... most of them are nice... got one or two kinda pissed me off. =___=

our company got internet access but cannot surf it. only limited sites can. Even Google also cannot. wtf~

Learned new programming language RPG... it fun... more or less like C but harder.. ==
still i enjoyed myself there...

meet new people all the silverlakers.... lolz... cheeyee we call her nanny secretly as she is the one that supervise us and not our real supervisor... lolz... Edwin, our supervisor assigned him to take care us... then he pass it to cheeyee.. lolz... Kenneth, our teacher... always ask him what is this what is that... he said that leeloo is annoying... lolz...

leeloo and i will talk gossip about this and that from time to time... always laughing... talking bad about this and that... lolz

I heard alot friends says they are not enjoying themselves... bored, tired, sien or whatever.
1st of work was really tiring... totally drained all my energy... second day and so on was not... really energetic... =)

currently we are now quite free... always nothing to do... kenneth brought us the RPG book... then we make a photocopy and learn the codes inside... hehe...

anyway... more blog on my training will coming...

a new day has begun... lolz..

Monday, April 13, 2009

21 Years

21 the age turning into a adult
getting the key of freedom
seems like its a big deal

April 11 2009
the date for me turning 21

thank you to those who wished me
it really means a lot to me
it really does

and for those who didn't and forgot u're now in my unforgivable list
yes shiny im talking about you and lwy also...
hate u both lar

i had the most simple birthday back home with my family
it is the best birthday i had in ages
spending time wit family make me realise how wonderful it is

then i decided to dig some old photo out to have a look...
i found funny photos....

Pic 1: me!
age 1

Pic 2: me again
age 3
with donald duck birthday cake

i had a minnie birthday cake too but cant find the photo

Pic 3: me again again
no idea how old

Pic 4: Mum and me at auntie Pei Kwee's Wedding =)

Pic 5: Me again! outside my old old house =)

Pic 6: Auntie Charlie and my mum...
xinli and I in the tummy~

Pic7: Baby Rui Han, Grandma and Me!
RuiHan: Watcha Looking at?!

Pic 8: my cousins
who can u find inside? lolz

Pic 9: Julie with a funky hair... bathing bwahahaha
i cant stop laughing when i saw this photo!
and uncle jian julie's dad

Pic 10: little Julie digging nose! and being caught red-handed

Pic 11: BABY RUIHAN! lolz

Pic 12: WHo do u spot? hahahaha

Pic 13: Little Penny, Little Beatrice,
Little Justin (who now is evil although look cute her), Little Grumpy Julie and Little Xinli

Pic 14: Charlotte says AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH............

Pic 15: Little Rui Wen says, why are u taking my photo?!
nice pose anyway~

Pic 16: bwahahahah
look how retro they are hahahah
ansern, andrew and ruishen

Pic 17: Julie ggma and xinli

Pic 18 : Coconut head of Daryl

Pic 19: *Grinz*


Justin mum me dad and sister
at home celebrating my 21st Birthday

my key to freedom
actually my family doesn't have this kind of tradition
i force them to get me one

me and my Grandma


i made some sushi when i was back home

can spot smiley faces? kekek

Friday, April 03, 2009


bah~ my Year 1 Sems 3 ended

and wtf i gotta start my interns on Apr 20. i haven't prepare myself for it la...

but before go for interns
ive to buried myself in notes~


hate exam...

this sems ended so fast~

anyway, this sems wasn't a enjoyable time for me
i think it is worst than last sems~

one of my closest friend here
kinda ditched me
her attitude changes
in and out
hopes she realise that
before all her friends are gone~
left both of u~

wanna wish
Happy Birthday to someone I love~


Happy 21st birthday!
i haven got u any prezzie
but i promise
will be soon
luv u soo much d! muakx

ps: actually wanna put a ugly photo of u~ but being a good cousin i didn't~ bwahaha

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Lost Penny

Misunderstanding happens all around
Sometimes people just don’t want to solve it
Just let it be there
People always don’t want to listen to others
Naturally they always think they are right
We are wrong
People do change from time to time
From the events happens all around
The changes sometimes cannot be predict

Getting hurts all the time
Slowly become numb on that
But sometimes thought that heart is already numb
But it hasn’t

I miss home
I miss my family
I miss my grandma the most
Every time whenever I’ve setbacks
She always there
Always there for me
The TLC she gives
Is unconditionally
Feeling like giving up on life
Feel like giving up everything I have
Everyday being a pretender

People do ask me sometimes
Why are you so down?
Why you look so glum?
Why are you so quiet?
Can I really tells?

Some one once promised to me said
“We will be best friends forever. No matter what”
But it seems that we are slowly drifting apart.
Slowly realized my social circle is so small
Although it seems huge

There's so much uncertainty in life
Who can tell me the best solutions and answers?