Monday, August 31, 2009


What an coincidence when i took the same bus back to batu pahat and back to KL!!!

However this bus sucks...

First on friday this stupid bus air con broke down... the whole trip from pudu to ayer keroh(near malacca) the bus was HOT like im in sauna! Then the driver stop at the Jejantas there and don't know do what with the engine then finally the air con is REPAIRED! if not i can't imagine the whole trip 4 hours sitting in the SAUNA! urghhh

Then I took the same bus back to KL i should go buy 4D lolzzz...
and wtf the bus broke down half way at TAMPIN! also near Malacca. wtf wtf wtf!

shit first the aircon and now the WHOLE BUS! wtf~!

then for i think more or less 15 minutes the bus driver went down and don't know do what with the engine AGAIN. The bus start functioning again. And he drove all the way back to KL again with the bus broken down half way without a real mechanic looking at the engine.
wtf it really creeps me out. but still i'm safely arrived at KL... thank god~

I've been really lazing myself back home...
After eating my lunch i will be lying on the sofa with the tv controller on my hands and flipping through the channel checking for any nice movie to watch. and i realised that Astro nowadays doesn't have nice movie to watch EVEN on weekends!! wtf.
then i been rotting all the way at home for 3 days straight. without moving myself away from my comfort zone which is the SOFA! hahaha...

realised i can only really really be myself and stress free is at BATU PAHAT my HOME-SWEET-HOME...


seriously, me and xinli are dead lazy like sloth. and i've no idea where we get the genes from. who else are like us in Lim Family... hahaha...

- sloth-ing -

Saturday, August 15, 2009


Went back to Batu Pahat to celebrate joshin 21st birthday on the 8 August 2009. But all the picture is with her cousin and she said most probably one month later only able to get it.. sooo
wait and see lar.. hahahah


then 12 August 2009, Went to Happy for Season Cafe to celebrate Mei Ching's 21st Birthday.

this one is done by sue who the is one wearing yellow shirt in the photo with me
then the rest is done by me... =))

i like these lights a lot. hahah

Saturday, August 01, 2009

I'm Back!!

shit lar... I was so bored without blogging. hahaha...

So what have i been doing since i was out of my blogs
I've been rotting all the way during that time.

so i decided to change my blog layout to represent the new me~!
Yeah!! now is orangie... hahaha
Represent A brighter side of me
Not the black emo side anymore.
Most probably sooner or later I will start emo-ing. again. hahaha

I still stuck in Bandar Utama, Silverlake having my half year internship.
Learned a lot of stuff. Get to know a lot of wonderful people. Love it there although travelling from there back to home and vice versa is torturing. but the rest is fun~! and i left one month plus only. so sad~

Sooo now would be PHOTO-ING!!! As I've haven't been blog for damed long time and things do happen everyday!

newest member added into the KL house. BB the mini schnauzer

yeah, your eyes are not kidding you, that's Z-Chen 张智成。
He came to Station One near my house to promote his new album.
And we 3 Yenni, SheiYee and Me "blocked" him on his way out and took photo with him! lolz...

This dude is Z-Chen's junior..
He was in the car waiting for Z-chen and we asked him to come down and take photo with us. bwhahaha
sorry i forgot his name. hahahaha

O-Neh, Z-Chen's Junior, Zhen Wei

then celebrated ah-Wong (senior from silverlake) birthday on the 24th June at 1Utama Neway.
Jay, ah-piang, weiyoong, ah-Wong, Me, LeeLoo.

then celebrate ne ne birthday on the 28th... =)

ta-da! that's the birthday boy~!
ne ne = ah pu ne ne (indian)
cuz he is damned dark~ =P

meiching, yenni, ne ne, yang yang, me and zhen wei

sheiyee me yenni and house new member. B-B (if u can see it lolz)

me and ne ne

Then, on the July 31st we went Sing K again with Silverlake's Senior again those usual gang.
Terry Yap, Jerry Moo, David Goh, Ah-Piang, CheeYee(jiejie aka Nanny), WeiYoong, jay, me, leeloo and ah-wong.

and that was the Last time i got to be with jiejie before my interns ends because she went to Qing Dao, China to support the client side on the Aug 2nd! *sobzzz*

im missing her... =((

LeeLoo, me and JieJie

LeeLoo and JieJie

me and JieJie

Me cam-whoring 'cuz i've no idea how to sing that song that are playing.
I think is 古巨基 Leo Ku's 劲歌金曲 d canto song. hahaha...

Jerry Moo in the strips shirt and Terry Yap on the Yellow Shirt, WeiYoong in black Shirt.
See how serious they are singing that 古巨基 Leo Ku's 劲歌金曲..