Monday, October 26, 2009

Being me is being lazy

Me me me
is the procrastinator...

i've been lazy
i've been slacking
i've been procrastinating
i've been don't-know-what-else-can-describe-being-lazy

There's so many things to do. Assignments, seminar, final year project, test...

and i've done NONE of it!

Seminar due 19/10/2009
and now is..... 26?
and I haven't finish it YET!
I've me self-postpone my dues since that my supervisor has gone to deliver her baby... hahaha...
Ever since i received her sms I hardly I mean REALLY HARDLY touch the seminar. Although I do open the Doc and read a bit, search for the information and then I will end up watch shows. wtf

After seminar will be FYP assignments test exam in between....

How? How? How?

Even my partner she also being lazy like me. but not as lazy as I am. lolzzz

seriously, I really have no motivation, no mood to do at ALL.

Can someone help me do it? hahahaha...

-kickass laziness-

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

No one.

I’m feeling so helpless lately. Maybe is due to the heavy workload or what. All I know is I can’t get any help I want even I asked. They just perfunctory answer me. Do they know that their facial expression and body language already betray them by telling me they doesn’t want to help. wtf

"Friends are meant to be used."

This quote is from Jon’s Blog and this is how I’ve been feeling for years. Since secondary? Since college? I can’t remember anymore.

Why do people never thinks for others and only think for themselves? Why do they always want people to go with the way they wanted?

wtf.. Can’t they put themselves in someone’s shoes and think?

Some friends are worth to keep and some are not.

All I know that the person that I missed most cannot sit beside me and comfort me anymore.
and there is some one out there, still cares about me, talks and comfort me whenever I needed most and you know who you are my dear.

Pissed off..

ps: wtf.. im good at being emo. =___=

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Genting Highland

Ditched the first week class and went back to KL on Sunday. Then got dragged to Genting for 2days 1 night in order to celebrate Yenni's 21 Birthday. Theme PJ Party.

Total I had ditched 1 week and 1 day of class. SHIT... I hasn't been able to catch up with the class since I missed 1 whole week...

Anyhow I still enjoyed the time. bwhahaha

Girls group Photo at Terminal Putra LRT Station waiting for the Genting bus to arrive

jiao, liboon and me

me and yang

in cable car.

me and sotong

after checking in of course to the theme park!
in the Pirate ship.

me with Parrots~

Group Photo Before we went dinner
Jian Yang, Nene, KiatYong, SheiYee, PeiYin, Me, Yang, YingYong,Yen Zhen,Yen Ni, Mei CHoo, Jiao, LiBoon and ZhenWei

me and SheiYee
at genting-dont-know-what-restaurant
but the food is nice and EXPENSIVE...

Birthday Girl

Bottoms up time!
is Chivas+coke

one last group photo before we went to bed!

the next day, after eating breakfast we took the bus back to home and went to class RIGHT after that. damned it was so tired.

then went to watch Surrogates with yang on wednesday, a lot people told me that is nice.. Actually I don't think is that nice at all. Not exciting also. sighhhh

ps: still got many others photo that i haven't collect. will collect it soon(maybe) lolzzz

ppss: class has started with assignments and I still hasn't finish my seminar and I have FYP to do and currently I'm procrastinating wtf

-kickass procrastinator-

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Cameron Highland

bah............ should have post this LONG LONG time ago.. but was lazy and lazy so now only post and wtf it has been in draft for don't know how many weeks. lmao

05 October 2009

A gang of silverlakers and TARC Trainee depart from their home to Cameron Highland.
Penny, LeeLoo, Weiyoong, and WoeiJye TARC Trainee
Terry, Willis, ChengLing, Jerry, Jerry's girlfriend, David, David's Girlfriend, ah-piang, ChengLing, KeeSiong, and HooiCheng; Silverlakers...

They had their breakfast at a Dim Sum Restourant, Sungai Buloh.

After having their breakfast, they took off and continue their journey. They rested at one of the resting area in Tapah.

WeiYoong paid the traveling fees late and taken a picture for a prove.

LeeLoo having her time eating ice-kimo....

After resting, they continue their journey up to Cameron Highland


and they took photos with the Land Rover outside the Petrol Station.

Jerry, ChengLing, Willis, WoeiJye, WeiYoong, KeeSiong, HooiCheng, David, Terry, Penny and LeeLoo

ChengLing, Willis, ah Piang,WoeiJye, KeeSiong, Jerry, WeiYoong, David, Terry

After that they checked in into their apartment Desa Apartment...

After selecting rooms and unload all the stuff.

They took off again to have their lunch at one of the restaurant.
Before they left, They met little Yellow who are nice and obedient!

Penny,Little Yellow and Hooi Cheng

After eating, they went to the strawberry farm, enjoying the vegetables, cactus and desserts.

Penny with strawberry waffle

Penny and big cactus

After that they went back and prepare their steamboat dinner.

This is what happen when people are busy preparing food and there is someone sleeping on the sofa..

Food that had prepared

After eating, of course is Happy Hours!

Black Regal, Chivas, Vodka, and Heineken Beer and of course games!

No idea what they are doing but they are in the middle of the game.

Penny, Willis, Keesiong, ChengLing, HooiCheng, Weiyoong, ah Piang, WoeiJye

At the end, WeiYoong got drunk as he keep saying lets drink 5 seconds of pure Black Regal and had no idea how many 5 seconds he did.
He went to vomit 3 times and collapse on the floor.
Ended up they have to drag him back to the bed.

the only dude who are drunk after that Happy Hours.

6 October 2009
They checked out their apartment at around 11am and had their Hot Cup Breakfast!

Then they went to Bee Farms to check out those creepy little creatures

After that of course the Boh Tea Farm!

Look at the beautiful View... Mountains mountains of tea...

Went to the View Top to enjoy a better view of the Farms.

They had their tea-time at the cafe inside the farm

On the way back to town, the stop by at the waterfall in Lata Iskandar.

Then they went ot Bidor to had the Duck Noodles. Yummy! It is delicious. The soup is cooked with herbal, and the duck meat is sooooo HUGE!

Then of course back to KL and went up to the Look Out Point Gasoline to had their wonderful dinner and celebrating ChengLing's Birthday!

With a surprise CheeYee came who is another silverlakers with her boyfriend.

Sunday, October 04, 2009


6 months...
just a blink of eyes, i already finished my six months of torture training.

Gonna miss:
I'm gonna miss every Friday K-Lunch with my colleagues...
I'm gonna miss those time gossiping/bragging/sabotaging with each other during office hours.
I'm gonna miss those stupid jokes that we cracked around during office hours..
I'm gonna miss those wonderful lunch time (free lunch of course.. hahah) with my colleagues..
I'm gonna miss Menara OCBC 8th floor cafeteria Ham Cheese Sandwich...

Not gonna miss:
I won't miss the early morning waking up which is 6am and takes 2 hours to reach my office and vice versa...
I won't miss those hours that I've to stare at the monitor and the monitor staring back at me...
I won't miss those days that I've to lotsa lotsa work waiting for me to do..
I won't miss those days that I've to forever copy-ing and pasting things...
I won't miss those days that I've to rush all those things to meet the deadline..
I won't miss those days that I've to test and print screen...

Conclusion: I'm sooooooo NOT gonna miss my 6 months training! Hhahaha

Ps: Going to Cameron Highland later! hahahaah...