Saturday, November 28, 2009

recent updates


i can hang out with my great friends, wendee, lindsay, marie, danny

i can movie with my friend for a whole day~!

i can eat all the food i missed; rojak, cendol, ABC, fried oyster, Yong He Tou Jiang,

i can sleep till afternoon and no one waking me up.

i can sit down in the living room with tv remote on my hand watching show on the 52" screen LCD

i have someone to drive me around


i can spend money on A LOT of things without paying any of it by myself!

I haven't been SOOO damned happy with all the crappy workload and other shitty things past few weeks (still those crappy shitty things hasn't finished yet) .

I Love batu pahat SOO much even though I used to think how sucks how small batu pahat is..

and I watch New Moon it was only Okay okay to watch...


omg~! i nearly drool on Taylor's Laurent Muscle~! his six-packs... his bisepss...*faint*

although Robert Pattinson also did show his upper body still I PREFER TAYLOR'S! bwahaha... xD

and i also finished watching You're Beautiful

and the lead Jang Geun Seok is soooo damned cute and hawt!!
I love when he smile... with his eyes all become like this ^_^

and Lee Hong Ki

damned he is adorable~! like a little kiddo and damned funny inside that show... lolzz....

the OST he sang is nice to listen... =D

依然 by Lee Hong Ki

默默无语 by 4 of them.. lolz

ps: im going back tomorrow... urghhhh..... wendee lindsay marie danny wait for me~! I WILL BE BACK! ASAP! xD

- loving each seconds -

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Wedding Dinner

Take LRT to kelana Jaya and waited half and hour for my cousin to pick me up. got stuck in the traffic. Then waited my mum at sunway's lobby. Then continue wait stupidly for 20mins while they already went up to their room.. T_____T

Then went shopping with my mum and i got nothing. NO SALES!

after that went to sunway's lounge to enjoy Happy Hours, drank wine, drank Long Island Tea then 12am went out to eat Lok Lok.

Then got lost on highway when finding ways to go Damansara Jaya.

meet up with my aunts around noon time and then of course SHOPPING!

my aunt they came back from s'wak to join the wedding dinner which im not close with. although i do know who the hell is, still i langsung tak kenal.
dinner? then of course i need a dress and i got one at Dorothy. and I loved the dress~!

me and my aunt waiting for the cab

me and my dad

mum and my aunts

justin's gf... hahahaa

dad aunt sister and mum

me and my mum

as u can see the tables behind me are empty because it was already ended and my aunts they all are still drinking.. T___T

i love that rose... xD

me and my cousin who is half-drunk~

and i love Hoegaarden beer... Is sooo much better than heineken!

after that

then went back to the hotel

mum: what time is your class tomorrow?
me: tomorrow? tomorrow is sunday.. where got class?

mum: aiyoo tomorrow is monday lar
me: nolar. is sunday!

mum: is MONDAY! You sot already ar....

me: monday? yameh?
mum: yalar...

me: .............

wtf, im getting dementia

listening to them talking gossiping about the others, teasing each other, fun, joy, laughter. i haven't had those for a long time and im loving every moment of it.

i miss my aunts already. Listening to them talking enjoy being my ownself. the real me with them doesn't need to hide anything doesn't need to wear mask. doesn't need to think what should says what shouldn't. Just talk whatever come to my mind.

just be me.just be Penny Lim.

loving and missing it so much.

and i got another wedding dinner to go this friday.. wtf
and i can get another new dress.. bwahahaha

- boo hoo -

MIA + Laundry Bar

i've been missing for quite sometimes, as there's nothing special going on. Just being me, slacking myself back at KL house. Watching korean drama, HK drama, Taiwan entertainment, Anime...

and I'm addicted to "You're beautiful" Although there's some comments say not nice what-so-ever. but to me i think is nice!! and the OST is nice.. really nice... =D

Funny... especially Lee Hong Ki! OMG... he is sooo adorable funny and innocent! hahaha

Other than this, I've been burying myself in my seminars, assignments,test.. and finally I just finished my Seminar. yeahhhooooo.... but i still need to present it. wtf.

after that, I had headache for 3 days straight wtf. Headache i went to sleep, wakes up okay already, then headache comes again. urghhh.... and it has been going on like this for 3 days. and still no improvement. wtf, i've no idea what's going on with my brain. Maybe because of the heat or what. damned it. it doesn't feels so good. Sometimes, i ended up vomiting. urghhh...

Thurdays, 12/11/2009
Today, happy birthday to Alvin Loke and Willis Woon.

Last night went to Laundry bar to celebrate Alvin's 21st Birthday with LeeLoo, Me, Won Jiun, Kerry, Weiyoong, Shooney, Sheiyee, Yenni, Meiching and ah-wu.

wonJiunn, Kerry, WeiYonng, Shirley, yenni, alvin, meiching, me, leeloo,

alvin, ah wu, weiyoong, shooney.
the dudes.

tasted Bloody Mary and bloody hell it doesn't taste nice at all with the tomatoes juice. Yewww..

tasted Boston* something * is nice...
Tasted Pacific Island Tea. Yummy I loved that~
Tasted Grape Delight. Nothing neither nice nor bad. just normal.

After Laundry bar we went SS2 Murni to yumcha.
wtf... my stomach was already bloated with all sort of kind cocktails and now yumcha..

then reached home at around 230am and plak on the bed and sleep till the next morning. =D

ps: no much photos, cuz the photo not with me... is with my friends and i din take from them. hahaha