Friday, December 18, 2009

Merry Christmas

It is 3.08 am right now which I should be in bed at this time. but nope i'm here to update my blog! so first MERRY CHRISTMAS TO Y'ALL!
i love this holiday! It always been one of my favorite.
I love the decoration they have on the shopping center.. too bad that i cant go to all the shopping complex here in KL to see it.

still i do able to to see some.

Theme: Candy House.. i think. lmao
since it has this pink house. ginger bread man.

I went there at night with my friends. but then when we reached there it was pouring! urgh spoilt the mood. but then after taking photo inside the complex do a little bit of shopping. THANK GOD, it stopped!

and guess who i saw there. EUNICE CHONG! damned i missed. after saying goodbye, i realised how dumb am i just stand there and talk to her without taking picture with her. wtf.

after that I went out of the pavilion and it's SNOWING!

Sungei Wang,
the deco sucks...
but i got to meet Landy... the girl who sang with Jay Chou =D

i went there to have my dinner since pavilion have to affordable meal. lolz.

---------what i should have blog long time ago----------

i bought my new camera during pc-fair and i love it sooo much! i don care if u says that i'm insane getting such a bright color. i love it. and i got myself a red converse shoes also. ahhhaa.

i've been so want to get one Lomo Diana F+, you can check out the effect of the photo here.
when i told my friends that i got a new camera they thought i bought the lomo already. sorry to disappoint you guys i didn't get it yet. cuz i'm still survey. but i found out that in the Lomography, they sell the lomo camera much cheaper than the forum. so i might buy it next year, really~! i really been waiting for it too long. dont ask me why i want to buy it... and if you are thinking what the hell is Lomography then CLICK THIS

i really like lomo edelweiss which is full white compare to the original color it is soo much nicer

and Lomo Diana CMYK which is more colorful...

hmmmm... let me see which one should i buy. *grinz*


since xmas is near give me Lomo Diana Edelweiss as present la. I don't mind. hahahaha

ps:/ im going back to BP for xmas. so guys. wait up im coming back!

-santa claus is coming to town-