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Thursday, December 23, 2010


Oh, jingle bells, jingle bells
Jingle all the way
Oh, what fun it is to ride
In a one horse open sleigh
Jingle bells, jingle bells
Jingle all the way
Oh, what fun it is to ride
In a one horse open sleigh

Two Days Till Christmas..

Merry Christmas~!!

-Wish List-

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

In Loving Memories

Missing you, uncle.

can't express what i really felt when i got the news. but at least now you are back Home with grandma and Lord Jesus. In the best way you can be.

You had left each one of us with great memories and loves.

Thanks you for everything. I will always remember you, sitting on the couch watching movie on astro, eating kuachi in the living room, your jokes and your loud laughter with Aunty Jenty.

Missing you always..

37 No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us.38 For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons,neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, 39 neither height nor depth,nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord. - Romans 8:37-39

Strong Will.

-in loving memories, dear uncle-

Saturday, December 18, 2010

nothing else

i got complained by my cousin asking me why i didnt update my blog. and i answered her because im lazy.

so im back once again.. i might mia again sooner or later..

seriously, after started to work ive getting more and more lazy. doing nothing else but sleep and watch movie. working from monday till friday and ot every night. sometimes even saturday too needs to work. and how great since im having the best time of my life. just work and work. i spend my weekend mostly sleeping and do nothing. just lay back and sleep back home. working is not fun. i miss my life as student (not when doing assignment and having finals), where i can just skipped classes when i dont feel going or when the lecturer is a snob.

ive been working for 8months now. how time flies. and in these 8 months everyday get stressed out by my seniors with all those task piling up. im so stressed out. and once i washed my hair and got freaked out by the amount of hair that got washed out and after combing my hair.. ishh.. with this sooner or later im gonna be bald. maybe is time to get a haircut or can i replant the hair that came off back to my scalp? sound so painful. urghh.

all i can says is working life sux to the max! i need holiday.. cant wait for my xmas holiday and cny holiday!

peek-a-boo a view outta my bed room window when is clear blue sky.

and there's a construction next to it. with all the noise in the morning how are people going to sleep. but good thing is.. i sleep like pig. even there's loud noise or the sun is shining bright.

loving the weather this months with the cool breeze and is a great weather to sleep.
there's always clear blue sky without blazing sun. but my clothes cant dry! can i have a sunny day so all my clothes can dry?

this pretty cousin of mine is leaving malaysia for US to study. so i wish you good luck abundantly and have a great life there. ♥ you much

- still breathing even life sux-

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


im back...
for don't know how many months i left my blog dead... lolz...
i was so demotivated as i already ended my life as student and now is a working adult. :(

after working for 5 months, i'm already missing my relaxing life as a student.... but not missing the part where i need to rush assignment, test, and exam... :p

I felt that working is like doing assignment everyday where you gotta rush the work before the due date. after the due date you don't have time to relax... gotta continue another assignment.

but still i'm enjoying my life.. hanging out with my friends, having up and downs in life. :)

life isn't that bad.. hehehe

anyway, my blog need a updated photo of me.. :)

jiang jiang jiang jiang~~~~~

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Batch 18

bah~ my blog has been deserted for a month.. hahaha.. but still in this one month.. I joined the AS/400 training in Silverlake with a bunch of new comer.

they are The craziest bunch of people i ever met
all we do in the 20 days of training is joke and joke and joke. in this 20 days we did a lot of stuff

farewell party for Yong Han, Surprise Birthday For me, Genting trip, PD trip, Tao Buffet Dinner, and a lot of other crazee things

ate Pork For a week.. die me non-stop! we even went Klang to eat Bak Kut Teh during office LUNCH HOURS! hahaah

met new friends, and loving each of them. Joy and Laughter never fade. :)

for me, the 20days of training is totally like a holiday for me. Seriously, been cracking up jokes with them. really made me enjoyed myself. and not making the wrong decision of coming back earlier. hahaha

in this 20 days, i think that i had taken nearly 500+ of photos. wtf! thats a lot. and i spent 2 hours to tag 180+ photo in facebook. i tagged until eyes blur... @_@

Genting Trip (16 April 2010 - 17 April 2010)

went up to genting just for steamboat and camwhore. hahaha

In this bus, on the way going up to take the cable car

and that was the first time i take cable car up in the dark! CREEPY LIKE SHIT lor!
don know whether to open eyes or close. (so i choose to close) hahahaa

yi Qian Koo and Addy

nearly the whole gang who went genting
front: sindy, tiensing, qian, koo, peiyee, bell, sengkor,
back: colin, francis, teh, william and me

the guys as background

but got two did not!

just continue cam-whoring

me and seng kor... who was drunk hahahaa

me with the guys of course...

Qian, koo, william, me, peiyee, bell and sindy

seems like everyone love taking kasut punya photo andthe one wearing slipper is me!
cam-whore till half way this too fall asleep~
cuz they are drunk! hahaha
man i love this picture!!!
seng kor sleeping style... geng or not
sleep in between the table gap...

me and yiqian

after Genting we went PD

at first we booked a apartment call cocobay. wtf... the apartment is creepy and eerie lor... no beach only got pool wtf...
dark like shit! no road side lamp post.. luckily we manage to change to another apartment...

Addy and seng kor potraiting titanic
and the back are the passenger in the ship

qian peiyee and me

me and qian

clear blu sky at PD~! :)

after that we went seremban to have the crabby...

The after the test we cam-whore in the auditorium room! hahaha

all the batch 18!

the girls with the Pork Pork Pig Society President
cuz everytime ask what to eat for lunch he sure says PORK! =_=
that's why we promote him as the president. haha
3ofus again

3ofus + william acting cute.
he likes to act
act cool, act cute act stupid, u name it he act. lolz
after that we went to the terrance there to yumcha and camwhore hahaa

3ofus again

then in the training room
me shiny and colin
the yellow team. lolz

those who wear specs..

then we went tao for dinner!

the oyster damned nice damned fresh lor
shiok lor!

next table...

this dude. ive no idea what he ate till he can seems like drunk. and fall asleep. ahaha


last photo of me at the door..


-loving the 20days with batch18-

ps: a picture worth a thousand words.. im dead lazy to write... cheerio~

Monday, March 29, 2010

officially working

i had already stepped into the working world~
i had already kissed goodbye to my study life~

I'm now Officially working.

March 29. First day of work
done nothing because is training time. Train to use the new language.

just crapping with seniors and meeting new friends.

i'm dead lazy to write.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

graduate and........

the first thing i did when i open my eyes was to turn on my lappy logged in to TARC web and click Check Result and and and I PASSED ALL!!! Yaahhooooo

[yum sheng!] [fireworks] [applause] [big big big grinzzzz]

wtf i was so nervous when wanna click the stupid link to check my result and with the cleverness of TARC they separate two different days to release my full result. wtf. and this means i had gan cheong for two days when checking my stupid result. wtf wtf wtf... although the result is not that pretty like all distinction or what-so-ever, I AM HAPPY WITH IT! as long as i do not need to see them again AGAIN!! i was soo happy with i see the remark session is EMPTY NOTHING WRITTEN! words cant express my happiness and now I'm proud to tell you all that I HAVE GRADUATED!!!!


Finally with these crappy shitty 4 years of college to get that damned piece of paper, i've ended my college life! 4 years of up down up down up down up life and mostly down~ but i still enjoyed, learned many things, meeting new friends, and with many many lecturer sayang-ing me.(hahah muka tembok sial~)

before i even check my result... Ring ring ring...
i got any unexpected call for my dear dear dear senior from silverlake, Uncle Terry. He called asking whether want to work back in Silverlake or not. wtf i told him I haven't got my result and you knows what he said?
"Nevermind lar... You want the job or not? only got 50 applicants. if over quota, no more. after that you gotta sendiri chap sang"

i was wtf... but was 50-50 you know.... with a guarantee job, nice pay, nice colleagues. and guess what.... i ended up back to silverlake. [grinz]

then i ask when start to work. Uncle Terry said April.. double the wtf-ness! April! when he called me was already end of feb! I gotta start to work in April? A-P-R-I-L!
I haven't enjoy my holiday gao gao then want to start to work already. fml~
then i asked "April fool start work wor... you don't later i go there you tell me is tipu me de"
Uncle terry laughed and said "You lagi don't fool me. later last minutes says you don't want"

sighhhhhhhhhhhhhh... i looked at the date now and think i still left 3 weeks to enjoy my holiday. sob sob sob sob

so fast so soon i gotta go back to a busy life again... anyway, i still kinda busy with the DAMNED FYP DOCUMENTATION! [swt-ness]

i spent one month staring at the MS Visual Studion 2005 and now i gotta spend another month staring at the MS Word 2007. triple the wtf-ness

and im soooo damned good at procrastinating. my dear partner has already finished hers. and mine still half-way going... wahahahahaha...


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

byebye FYP

finally i completed my FYP. after final testing my dear supervisor, mschin gaves me a thumbs up! i was so HAPPY when I see that thumbs. finally i don't need to worry about whether i pass or fail..

yahhhooooo... I'M FREE FROM CODES!

Monday, February 22, 2010

dead with FYP

Good Morning y'all~!
now is 6.12am

is the time where primary secondary students waking up preparing to go for classes.
is the time where some people laze on their bed and not wanna wake up
is the time where some people waking up for their brand new day in works.
is the time where old people waking up to have a morning. exercise, taichi, walking, running...


I HAVEN'T SLEEP YET!!! have been doing my stupid FYP none-stop. sit until ass pain, back pain, neck pain, eyes pain. fml

cuz will be submiting it at noon time. lets put your hands together and pray for me that i will pass it.... damned fucking worry la wei~ =_="'


i wanna sleep...... T__________T




Friday, February 19, 2010

CNY 2010

another Chinese New Year had gone. and i enjoyed myself. i had all the fun i had, all the laughter, the joy, the food and the angpow. although i said due to fyp i dont really have the mood to celebrate cny. but then when i saw my cousins there waving at me, saying hi-s, laughings. the damned fyp has already been forgotten. actually i love CNY alot. this is only when i can see my crazee family. talking and laughing, gossiping about everything.

anyway, i celebrate 臭皮匠2 (sheng) birthday which falls on the 11th. had the fun i had in months! with them around there are always laughter. 24/7 the laugh would not goes out-of-stock! and i can't hang out with them till they fly back to s'wak! fml lar...

they have been complaining to me that i cannot hang out with them. and our everyday-conversation-on-noon-time will be like this:

them: jie, later go shopping/go gaigai okay?
me: cannot lar. i have to do fyp.

them: yerrr... so sien. don't do lar..

me: cannot lar. don't do will fail lar...

them: yerrr... what happen if fail?

me: cannot graduate lor..

them: yerrr... so cham..

me: then u all go out lar..

them: okay lor.. but very sien de...

so sad betul lor... i want to enjoy my cny also damned fucking susah. wtf

me and sherine. bitch number1 臭皮匠3

sheng on her 18th birthday. :)

this is why i will not lack of laughter when they are around xD

then we had our reunion dinner in crystal inn. and the food is not nice. i mean NOT NICE. we had 2nd round dinner when we reached home with home-cook meal. XD
and surprisingly charlotte came back for CNY! thought she gonna miss cny for the first time. :)
too bad didn't get any picture with her during cny but we going to spore. so there's lotsa pic again!

me and xinli..

han, me and xinli

ruishen ruiwen and bea

bea me xinli ju

family photo! :)

i dyed my hair.. can see can see?? lolz

i miss these bitches lar.. :(

me and sheng sheng

-fuck fyp-