Thursday, January 28, 2010

SAS Prom Night

EXAM ENDED! Yaahooooo... hopefully i won't be seeing them again~

Anyway I attended SAS prom night which was organised in Legend Hotel.
the last chance of being with my friends all together at once. all AIB2 coursemates.
i be missing you all. =)

i had fun. with all these memories given by you all.

me and kerry....
the most Handsome girl that night

mr wong. the White Knight. =)

me, ms lim, alvin, leeloo, shoon and jon

me and jon the silent but deadly award winner. XD

leeloo, alvin and me

me and mr khoolj
he is a photographer. very noisy one also.

Some of the AIB2 not whole.
since some not in the photo ==

Table 1

table i-dont-know-wad-number

we in the toilet. lolz
it seems like is a must to take photo in the toilet..

me and jiawen

jiayee and me

Mk me and yitpeng

me and my FYP partner..

sampat mok and me

kerry and me

AIB2 guys-mate

mr yap


me and shoon...

after that we went genting. so damned sien


after prom i gotta do FYP which is due feb1
so sien so cham
seeing all my housemate going back makes me want to go back too.....

my mum called me just now. ask me why haven't come back since finished exam. then i said i also want to go back but i can't!!
i still got soooo many things to do... so sad-nya...


Friday, January 22, 2010


FML #1
I hate examination so much. who the hell invented it... urghh.

FML #2
15/01 Web Services (DEAD, GONE)
20/01 Business Data Communication (50-50)
23/01 Management of change (SURE DEAD)
26/01 Software Project Management (LAGI MATI! GONER)

although only have for subject but these four subject is KILLING ME!
and even they have so many days off in between with all those crazy things need to memorize it is totally not enough.

Look at the notes and shitty crappy things i need to memorize...

This is how my table looks like during exam period
small and messy

and the screen was FaceBook. wahahaha...
im blaming on FB for distracting me from studying... lolz

FML #3
I'd planned to start study on the 11th. but i slack and procrastinate until 13th only start studying and making notes.

damned it man~!

FML #4
Even though I'm currently stuck in the examination period.
I still painted my nails!
actually is purple but no idea why it looks blue here.

FML #5
After examination, I HAVE NO BREAK!
I've to do my Final Year Project (FYP) wtf!
I though i can have a break and enjoy myself with shopping and get back to BP right after it! But I can't I have to stay here until 10th! wtf wtf wtf wtf WTF!

01/02 First Pre-System Testing
10/02 Second Pre-System Testing/ Final System Testing
22/02 Final Testing.

if during the first testing, my FYP system has no problem I will able to ENJOY my CNY


FML #6
I haven't buy my CNY Clothes! wtf... I've no time to shopping... how how how?!


Tuesday, January 05, 2010

no purpose.

urgh. i didn't sleep last night cause doing the stupid assignment WebService which cause me so many trouble!


anyway, i'm here to update recent happenings like Christmas, New Year, birthday..

actually i had a very simple Christmas back at Batu Pahat. A lot people asked me why doesn't want to celebrate at KL.. Is not that i don't want to celebrate in KL, is just that I wanna celebrate with the people that are meaningful to me who are my crazee friends, wendee, lindsay marie...


I also celebrated Marie's 21st birthday on 25 December, yeah she is a Christmas Baby. =D

ta-da. thats Marie, she is a dancer~ =)

Group Photo!

danny marie wendee marie

marie me me joshin

marie and lindsay


then actually i didn't really celebrate New Year, i just slack at home. hahaha...

then my mum, she went to Korea and bought a lot of FOOD!
and she bought my favourite Chocolate! 白い恋人! man i love this chocolate a lot. damned nice lar.. too bad only available in Japan. =(

this potato chip chocolate damned nice lor.
i try to make in during cny. then can eat... -p

this is a choc cake. damned nice. the chocolate is damned rich lor.

-craving for choc-