Tuesday, February 23, 2010

byebye FYP

finally i completed my FYP. after final testing my dear supervisor, mschin gaves me a thumbs up! i was so HAPPY when I see that thumbs. finally i don't need to worry about whether i pass or fail..

yahhhooooo... I'M FREE FROM CODES!

Monday, February 22, 2010

dead with FYP

Good Morning y'all~!
now is 6.12am

is the time where primary secondary students waking up preparing to go for classes.
is the time where some people laze on their bed and not wanna wake up
is the time where some people waking up for their brand new day in works.
is the time where old people waking up to have a morning. exercise, taichi, walking, running...


I HAVEN'T SLEEP YET!!! have been doing my stupid FYP none-stop. sit until ass pain, back pain, neck pain, eyes pain. fml

cuz will be submiting it at noon time. lets put your hands together and pray for me that i will pass it.... damned fucking worry la wei~ =_="'


i wanna sleep...... T__________T




Friday, February 19, 2010

CNY 2010

another Chinese New Year had gone. and i enjoyed myself. i had all the fun i had, all the laughter, the joy, the food and the angpow. although i said due to fyp i dont really have the mood to celebrate cny. but then when i saw my cousins there waving at me, saying hi-s, laughings. the damned fyp has already been forgotten. actually i love CNY alot. this is only when i can see my crazee family. talking and laughing, gossiping about everything.

anyway, i celebrate 臭皮匠2 (sheng) birthday which falls on the 11th. had the fun i had in months! with them around there are always laughter. 24/7 the laugh would not goes out-of-stock! and i can't hang out with them till they fly back to s'wak! fml lar...

they have been complaining to me that i cannot hang out with them. and our everyday-conversation-on-noon-time will be like this:

them: jie, later go shopping/go gaigai okay?
me: cannot lar. i have to do fyp.

them: yerrr... so sien. don't do lar..

me: cannot lar. don't do will fail lar...

them: yerrr... what happen if fail?

me: cannot graduate lor..

them: yerrr... so cham..

me: then u all go out lar..

them: okay lor.. but very sien de...

so sad betul lor... i want to enjoy my cny also damned fucking susah. wtf

me and sherine. bitch number1 臭皮匠3

sheng on her 18th birthday. :)

this is why i will not lack of laughter when they are around xD

then we had our reunion dinner in crystal inn. and the food is not nice. i mean NOT NICE. we had 2nd round dinner when we reached home with home-cook meal. XD
and surprisingly charlotte came back for CNY! thought she gonna miss cny for the first time. :)
too bad didn't get any picture with her during cny but we going to spore. so there's lotsa pic again!

me and xinli..

han, me and xinli

ruishen ruiwen and bea

bea me xinli ju

family photo! :)

i dyed my hair.. can see can see?? lolz

i miss these bitches lar.. :(

me and sheng sheng

-fuck fyp-

Monday, February 08, 2010



i seriously miss home~!

i want to go back home...... T____T

hate FYP! thought i can enjoy myself back home after exam. do shopping for cny. till now, i got none zero null nothing for cny. clothes. shoes. nothing. ahhhh. so sedih sial. looking at the fb seeing ppl posting done shopping. bought lotsa clothes. pocket burning holes. i so jeeeeleeeessss!


i want to go back home.
with tv remote on my hand.
my eyes glued on the tv screen.
my body glued on the sofa.
my mouth eating my mum's cook food.
eating bak kuah... cny biscuit.


stupid FYP!

i've been sleeping at 5am or 6am for 4days straight and woke up at noon. sleeping like that seriously can kill me. wtf!