Monday, March 29, 2010

officially working

i had already stepped into the working world~
i had already kissed goodbye to my study life~

I'm now Officially working.

March 29. First day of work
done nothing because is training time. Train to use the new language.

just crapping with seniors and meeting new friends.

i'm dead lazy to write.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

graduate and........

the first thing i did when i open my eyes was to turn on my lappy logged in to TARC web and click Check Result and and and I PASSED ALL!!! Yaahhooooo

[yum sheng!] [fireworks] [applause] [big big big grinzzzz]

wtf i was so nervous when wanna click the stupid link to check my result and with the cleverness of TARC they separate two different days to release my full result. wtf. and this means i had gan cheong for two days when checking my stupid result. wtf wtf wtf... although the result is not that pretty like all distinction or what-so-ever, I AM HAPPY WITH IT! as long as i do not need to see them again AGAIN!! i was soo happy with i see the remark session is EMPTY NOTHING WRITTEN! words cant express my happiness and now I'm proud to tell you all that I HAVE GRADUATED!!!!


Finally with these crappy shitty 4 years of college to get that damned piece of paper, i've ended my college life! 4 years of up down up down up down up life and mostly down~ but i still enjoyed, learned many things, meeting new friends, and with many many lecturer sayang-ing me.(hahah muka tembok sial~)

before i even check my result... Ring ring ring...
i got any unexpected call for my dear dear dear senior from silverlake, Uncle Terry. He called asking whether want to work back in Silverlake or not. wtf i told him I haven't got my result and you knows what he said?
"Nevermind lar... You want the job or not? only got 50 applicants. if over quota, no more. after that you gotta sendiri chap sang"

i was wtf... but was 50-50 you know.... with a guarantee job, nice pay, nice colleagues. and guess what.... i ended up back to silverlake. [grinz]

then i ask when start to work. Uncle Terry said April.. double the wtf-ness! April! when he called me was already end of feb! I gotta start to work in April? A-P-R-I-L!
I haven't enjoy my holiday gao gao then want to start to work already. fml~
then i asked "April fool start work wor... you don't later i go there you tell me is tipu me de"
Uncle terry laughed and said "You lagi don't fool me. later last minutes says you don't want"

sighhhhhhhhhhhhhh... i looked at the date now and think i still left 3 weeks to enjoy my holiday. sob sob sob sob

so fast so soon i gotta go back to a busy life again... anyway, i still kinda busy with the DAMNED FYP DOCUMENTATION! [swt-ness]

i spent one month staring at the MS Visual Studion 2005 and now i gotta spend another month staring at the MS Word 2007. triple the wtf-ness

and im soooo damned good at procrastinating. my dear partner has already finished hers. and mine still half-way going... wahahahahaha...