Saturday, April 24, 2010

Batch 18

bah~ my blog has been deserted for a month.. hahaha.. but still in this one month.. I joined the AS/400 training in Silverlake with a bunch of new comer.

they are The craziest bunch of people i ever met
all we do in the 20 days of training is joke and joke and joke. in this 20 days we did a lot of stuff

farewell party for Yong Han, Surprise Birthday For me, Genting trip, PD trip, Tao Buffet Dinner, and a lot of other crazee things

ate Pork For a week.. die me non-stop! we even went Klang to eat Bak Kut Teh during office LUNCH HOURS! hahaah

met new friends, and loving each of them. Joy and Laughter never fade. :)

for me, the 20days of training is totally like a holiday for me. Seriously, been cracking up jokes with them. really made me enjoyed myself. and not making the wrong decision of coming back earlier. hahaha

in this 20 days, i think that i had taken nearly 500+ of photos. wtf! thats a lot. and i spent 2 hours to tag 180+ photo in facebook. i tagged until eyes blur... @_@

Genting Trip (16 April 2010 - 17 April 2010)

went up to genting just for steamboat and camwhore. hahaha

In this bus, on the way going up to take the cable car

and that was the first time i take cable car up in the dark! CREEPY LIKE SHIT lor!
don know whether to open eyes or close. (so i choose to close) hahahaa

yi Qian Koo and Addy

nearly the whole gang who went genting
front: sindy, tiensing, qian, koo, peiyee, bell, sengkor,
back: colin, francis, teh, william and me

the guys as background

but got two did not!

just continue cam-whoring

me and seng kor... who was drunk hahahaa

me with the guys of course...

Qian, koo, william, me, peiyee, bell and sindy

seems like everyone love taking kasut punya photo andthe one wearing slipper is me!
cam-whore till half way this too fall asleep~
cuz they are drunk! hahaha
man i love this picture!!!
seng kor sleeping style... geng or not
sleep in between the table gap...

me and yiqian

after Genting we went PD

at first we booked a apartment call cocobay. wtf... the apartment is creepy and eerie lor... no beach only got pool wtf...
dark like shit! no road side lamp post.. luckily we manage to change to another apartment...

Addy and seng kor potraiting titanic
and the back are the passenger in the ship

qian peiyee and me

me and qian

clear blu sky at PD~! :)

after that we went seremban to have the crabby...

The after the test we cam-whore in the auditorium room! hahaha

all the batch 18!

the girls with the Pork Pork Pig Society President
cuz everytime ask what to eat for lunch he sure says PORK! =_=
that's why we promote him as the president. haha
3ofus again

3ofus + william acting cute.
he likes to act
act cool, act cute act stupid, u name it he act. lolz
after that we went to the terrance there to yumcha and camwhore hahaa

3ofus again

then in the training room
me shiny and colin
the yellow team. lolz

those who wear specs..

then we went tao for dinner!

the oyster damned nice damned fresh lor
shiok lor!

next table...

this dude. ive no idea what he ate till he can seems like drunk. and fall asleep. ahaha


last photo of me at the door..


-loving the 20days with batch18-

ps: a picture worth a thousand words.. im dead lazy to write... cheerio~