Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Shopping Spree

Is the one time that I can shop till I drop! YEAH!!!! since it is just once a year…

spent 2 weekends shopping for CNY clothes. thinking should I continue this weekend also?

Bought lots of lots of clothes and I spent nearly RM700++.  RM700+!! on these things! o.O

First time, after starting to work I spent so much on clothes! omggg.. and now I’m officially broke. All I can do now is wait and wait and wait for my company to give out monthly allowance.

A week before, I went to Sunway Pyramid and 1 utama to shop for clothes. When I walked into Sunway Pyramid's Dorothy Perkins and there's one dress caught my eyes. Black dress with polka dots. I like it a lot but ended up didn't buy it because it is black color. Next day, went to 1 utama again, walked into Dorothy again, look at that dress again.  I got the rush to just grab it and just pay it! but ended up didn't because it is B-L-A-C-K! 

So I went back home, I googled that dress and saw another one Red dress! same design but it is red without polka dots. But it seems that it is not available in Malaysia's Dorothy.

So, I showed it to leeloo that polka dots dress and told her that I love it! and she said "Still wait for what? Just Buy! Once a year only! BUY!"

Then I decide, I will try my luck too see whether is that red dress available or not.. BUT.. sighhh.. Don't have. So I bought that polka dot dress which I’ve been eyeing it for long!

I love it! A LOT!

Actually don't feel like buying new shoes for CNY, since I've already bought a pair recently. But, for girls shoes will never get enough even if you have 100 pairs! So I got myself 2 pairs!! hahaha..

One is flats from Summit and another one is zebra strips sandals from Charles and Keith. Sandals is still in Singapore, waiting for my friend to bring it back for me! lalalala…

- shopaholic -


LeeLoo said...

yes!! what the hell are you waiting for??!! go for it!!! =P

xinli said...

i'd consider taking the monorail just to get that ticket =D

Penny said...

i regret not taking it... :(