Thursday, January 13, 2011

We. Us.

From 2006 – 2011. 5 years we have been together. going to the same hall listening to the same boring lecture blabbing those long complicated lessons which it is not complete in the notes they had given. You are always sitting up front and I'm always sitting at the back. You will be paying your full attention, listening and jotting down those words coming out from lecturer’s mouth and I will be at the back having my fun with the boring-ness or dozing off in the cold lecture hall. Even being together for 5 years, we just start being friends in the 3rd year.

First impression, I had on you was. "wow, what a pretty girl". Do you know I was kind of afraid of you and never liked you? Maybe is because you seems so fierce; so proud.

When I was told by your boyfriend that you are going to be in the same company as me and I was like "oh Shit! o.O ".

However, we hit off immediately after started to work. You claimed that we are BFF after just being together for few days. The first impression I had was not right. After hanging out together, then only I know. You are truly a devil inside out.  (and I was right, you are fierce.)

I like to put my arms in yours. I remembered that one time you don’t let me and we went crazy dragging and pulling each others in the shopping mall. We looked like two crazy fools, playing in the mall. Laughing.

Loves the 2 hours times in K-Lunch with you. Singing all we can. Shouting all we can. Getting high with 为了你而活. Now whenever I listened to this song and 叶子, I will think of you.

Taking off our shoes and walking around in the bank, always makes people speechless.

Always eating breakfast together in Otah-Otah or bank's canteen; ah – pui's ham cheese sandwich. You will be drinking apple with sour plum without ice and I will be drinking coffee ice.

Eating lunch at Lao Di Fang, Petaling Street, playing, taking off our shoes, learning new language, teasing our senior, Kenneth and complaining while working was how I passed my time during Internship.

When we have nothing to do, we would be reading those novel you downloaded. (when are you gonna give me the latest updates? )

I don't know whether do you remembered. Once,you called me and you was crying. Telling me things about you and we talked heart to heart till "early" morning. Next day, I went to find you and had lunch together. You looked like gold fish. After that, we became even closer.

Fortunately, we were together during internship. If not I can't imagine how boring I will be. Even you are hard to pleased, you're still fun to be around.

After graduated, we were together again in the same company. I thought that we were going to work together once more. However, you decided to go overseas to further your studies.

Blame it on luck, your plan didn't goes as you wished. You called me crying again. Even though, you ended up being stuck here; we became even more closer. You took all the time you can to get numb over it and now you are happy working in another company.

We are still able to hang out and have fun. Updating each other about our life.. Having you around is another joy I have.

You are always one of the pair of ears, the pair of eyes, the pair of hands I can depends on when I needed it. A friend when I can keep and trust. Do you trust me?

You promised that we will always be BFF. By then, don't you leave me alone.

PS:You know who are you and this post feels like I’m making a love confessions.

- just us -


LeeLoo said...

thought i will be the one who write something about you, but end up you wrote it out first..

really touching, and my tears dropping on my laptop nonstop, i cant control it..

yes i remember all the things you mentioned, and i admit that i'm hard to pleased, just like you =P

again, we are BFF. see, i was right when i first told you =)

P.S. for those who know me, please pretend you dont know me, as penny seems like dont wanna let anyone to know who am i =P

Penny said...

oppss.. sayang.. dont need to cry la.. aiyoo..

too bored and got nothing to write so wrote about this..

i'm admit that and we both are overbearing too. hahah XD

when you commented this post your name "LeeLoo" is already appeared how to pretend? hahaha nahh.. joking.. XP

LeeLoo said...

that's why i say "please pretend.." lah.. hahahaha