Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Workaholic? FML!

been staring at this blank page and hands on the keyboard for 1 and a half songs time.
my brain now is full of my work’s program. thinking the flow and how I should do with the key field and everything. Luckily there's no paper and pen right in front of me, if not I probably will just draw the flow out and write everything down.. OMFFGGGG.. I'm not a workaholic! I’m going insane!
I'm so busy till doesn't have the time to go toilet. Everyday, lunch at 1pm. So breakfast is very important for me as its prevent me from starving. Been working like a cow. My leader takes one person as three person to monitor which means one person have to do three person's work. so can you imagine the how big the workload is?
Everyday rush rush rush rush rush. It' driving me nuts!
I miss movie time, I miss Friday’s K-lunch! I miss Aman Suria's Char Siew and Hakka Mee, I Miss Xing Yuan Long's White Coffee, I miss KD's Chilli Pan Mee,  I miss adik Minum, I miss chui shui time.
I MISS EVERYTHING IN KPMG!! except the time where I need to push people to do work and rush work!
Although working in the bank, has it own benefits, cheap nice food, easy transportation which means I can go back whenever I like (when my lead is not around ), and I can focus my work without any distractionssss since KPMG is kinda a stress free working environment whereby I'm able to walk here and there, talk here and there, slack whenever I want. When can I go back KPMG and enjoy the time there?
Lately, I’m getting a little emo again... Due to stress? Most probably.. Kinda not satisfied with the things I do. Always regretting doing something as I always never think before I act. Hmmm... I should change this but seems kinda hard to change.
My brain kinda stop functioning whenever I’m off from work. I’m already missing my life as a student where I can just skip classes whenever I feel like. Falling asleep during lecture, hanging out with my friends… Ahhhh.. I miss those time…
Working sucks to the max except for payday. $_$. I can’t have long breaks, I can’t skips work whenever I feel like it. I can’t sleep during office hours... Sometimes, I can’t even enjoy my weekends when emails keep coming in. FML X 9999999
Maybe due to the "nice" leader I'm currently following who kinda sucks to the max… Never teach me anything or explain to me clearly and expect me to know whatever shit she gave me to do… Sucks.. I usually will just stare at the screen and do nothing… Until I shiok or I bored then only I go ask my senior or ask her. Sometimes, I rather just ask my senior than her… Since that whatever she explained to me I still won’t understand. FML!
As the matter of the facts, I don’t really like this leader whereas she just knows how open and close her mouth. All she does is sit there talk and get salary and I’ll be working like a cow. All day long work work work.
We had a web where it stores those error logs found and assigned to the leader and leader will assign to their member. For this leader, she assigned without informingn us and expect us to go through thousands of thousands error log to check whether has any of it assigned to us with our names?
There’s even one time, when I was very sick… Even a tester asked me to take MC and go back home rest as I was coughing and sneezing all the time; had a very very bad cold.. Guess what… My super nice leader heard what she said and answered, “If she takes MC who helps you solve error logs?” I just kept quiet and I was soooo pissed that time… What kind of leader is this? I took off after that… sucks to have this kind of leader.. My senior took mc after 2 weeks time because I passed the virus to her… and guess what… my nice leader said, “I worked for so long, I never take MC before also.”
There you go... Another reason makes me dislike her even more. She thought we all are robots? Will never fall sick? All the work is done by us… All she does is reply mails, go meetings and asking us what’s your tasks status, whereby all of us working like hard-labors. Everything also passed to us and she’s at there shaking legs… So pissed! 
After this, stage finished, I’m off le… I will request for other project or team. I can’t tolerate the way she treated us.., sucks to the max! Uncle yap ar…. When are you going to request me back.. T__T
I wore blue today and even my sweater is blue… and that concluded my feelings for today…

- FML -

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