Wednesday, March 02, 2011


I'm really so stressed out working under this current leader. With those workload she gave is like I'm a AI who can handle so many things. So I went and "ask" my previous leader to pull me back and of course the conversation include many jokes.

After asking my previous leader(Uncle Yap)to request me back for don't know how many times. Today finally I kinda break down after talking to him.

When I was talking with one of my colleagues saying that he doesn’t pull me back as he thought that I was joking… swwtt.. so I went and kacao him saying that I'm serious about wanna go back to help him and joking on the part that I wanna quit.

When he was trying to talk to me about why I can't go back, the consequences, the purpose he wanna me to stay in this team and et cetera et cetera et cetera…

Sure. I sure know a little about this and that. But is kind of depressing for me to stay in this team…

What I relief about is that my previous leader understand my current situation. and he told that if he takes me back, sure will let others jerit at. What he said after made me cried.

He said "BUT i no take u, i worry u.. becoz i know ur situation, they 3 seems like throw all rojak to u, 1 day u die.."

“ ... hold a while, i will move when time being.. i put on my mind de.. every of u all is i train de, everyone oso got diff strength, diff capability, i look all this in my eyes… but sometimes jus need timing, location and humanity… now think +ve 1st, this can help u thru de.. how ? focus 1 thing at a time, although many thing flows to u”

My eyes filled with tears after reading this. right in front of my workstation where there's people in front of me. and of course I quickly walk to the toilet and clean off..

After that, I told him that 'I'm holding on le.. If I'm not thinking positive I've already cabut and mostly is because of you that I'm still here. Currently, I'm hanging by a thread. When that thread is broken, I will be finding you crying. By then remember to save me..'

What else can I do now? Uncle yap ar.. you tell me to hold on.. I'm holding on for you. Please take me back fast before I break down. Crying face




ManNi said... cham~ i und ur feeling too!! sorry, once get free will try to chat wif u entertain u. remember keep ur +ve mind..cos u r!! swap everything to as good as u can. 2 side thinking de mah~^^

Abigail said...

Ou, Penny JIe jIE..although I dunno what kind of consultation that can make you feel not that depressed than what you are feeling now, but I know its just a transitional period. We need to endure every kind of challenges in our life, Life is just like that. However, you will gain more when you gone through the hardship, just think it positively. Be strong and do what you are supposed to do. ^^