Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Fall 7 times stand up 8 times.

Life's full of obstacle, challenges, and a lot shitty stuff that somehow you wished that it wouldn't happens.
That’s what we called life. If life is just like a piece of blank paper. Isn't it dull? Boring?
Challenges, Obstacles are just like color pencils. First, We might have problems mixing them together. But after we mixed them together isn't it will be colorful? and we will get lotsa lotsa pretty pretty nice pictures? of course we will and we treat those failed as lessons. Learn from the mistake and create a better one.
After a lot of crappy things happen recently, been crying for sometimes. Heartbroken, stressed out, lost. All sort of shit felt in a week. Talked to my boss, my BFF, my mum and I’m glad they are around. After crying, I felt that I'm kinda back to my old self again. Happy; content of what I have now. Learn from the setbacks and stand straight up to face the next challenges.
God gave me challenges and also He gave me solutions. He just waiting for me to look for it. because whenever God closes a door, SOMEWHERE he opens a window!. So I’ll just let God decide everything for me and I’ll happily accept the decisions. Of course I might be sad for awhile or a long times. Whatever is decided is decided, can’t really change it. But that's what makes life so wonderful. There’s always up and down.
Every things happens for a reasons. Whatever is yours is yours, even you forcibly to get something but in the end you will also lose it. Can’t force what not yours to be yours. 
I’m one of those that can’t handle problems well. Mostly I will just let it be and somehow it will be solved. For me, time is always the best solutions as Time can makes baby grown into adult; Illness to be cured; life to be ended. No matter how hard how difficult life is, time always allowed me to think, to do what’s right, what’s for the best.
Once my friend told me, "Appreciate what you have now, don’t think so much for those unrealistic stuff. Be content and you'll happy"
I’m really blessed with many friends and family who loves me and I loves you all too.
Moi, thank you for standing by my side when I fell. Because you are here, that’s why I’m always able to stand up again. I can’t really imagine what I might become if you weren't around. Thanks for everything.. 

- Fell and stand back up-


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